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Safety monitoring and management system of gantry crane

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The national standard of safety monitoring and management system for hoisting machinery (GB / T 28264-2017) stipulates the composition, monitoring, performance requirements, test methods and system inspection of the safety monitoring and management system for hoisting machinery. This standard is applicable to bridge cranes, gantry cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, portal cranes, cable cranes, mast cranes, bridge erecting machines and ship lifts specified in GB / T 20776. Other types of cranes can be used by reference.

Applicable specifications
Gb12602-1990 safety technical code for overload protection device of hoisting machinery
Gb6067.1 safety regulations for lifting machinery
GB / T 28264-2017 safety monitoring and management system for hoisting machinery
GB / T 20776 classification of hoisting machinery
Overload limiter of gantry crane
1. Gantry crane safety monitoring management systemThe lifting weight is collected from the overload limiter that has been installed on the gantry crane and can give signalsThe overload limiter that fails to output signal shall be replaced.
2. Acquisition and processing of lifting height / lowering height
The lifting height and lowering height are collected and analyzed by the absolute encoder, so as to grasp the height of the weight lifted by the hook in real time and facilitate the timely control and operation with the driver. It is necessary to install and collect the data that is not monitored by the spreader!
3. Acquisition and processing of large and small traveling distance
The processing of the travel distance depends on the acquisition of the absolute encoder to judge the travel distance of the crane and trolley, and can intuitively grasp the travel distance of the large and small cranes. The cranes that are not installed must be installed.
4. Acquisition and processing of wind speed
The collection and processing of the wind speed is realized by the wind speed sensor. After the wind speed reaches a certain value, the crane is stopped.
5. Collection and processing of operation instructions
The collection of operation instructions mainly comes from PLC. For cranes without PLC, they can be collected from the linkage platform and operation buttons. In this way, the driver can be easily reminded that he can clearly see his current operation status during operation!
6. Acquisition and processing of hoisting brake status
The collection of the brake can intuitively remind the operator of the current brake position, and also can quickly reflect the problem. It is convenient for the driver to operate safely.
7. Collection and processing of operation interlocking
8. Acquisition and processing of anti wind and anti slip device
It refers to the status collection of rail clamp, anchor, windproof cable and other devices. It can clearly remind the driver to pay attention to safety before operation!
Application diagram of gantry crane safety monitoring management system
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