Micro special torque limiter helps Foshan gaomingzhu dock full width gantry crane - Boom type lifting equipmentcrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System

Micro special torque limiter helps Foshan gaomingzhu dock full width gantry crane

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Foshan Gaoming Pearl River freight terminal Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as“Gaoming Wharf”)Founded in 1992, it was reorganized in January 2004. It is wholly owned and operated by Zhujiang shipping enterprise (stock) Co., Ltd. and is a benchmark enterprise in the logistics sector of the provincial shipping group. In 2016, the foreign trade container throughput exceeded 388000 TEU, becomingWharf enterprise with the largest foreign trade throughput in Foshan

Foshan Gaoming Pearl River freight terminal
The gaomingzhu wharf is located in the lower reaches of the Xijiang River. The river width at the port is 1000-1500 meters and the water depth is 8-12 meters. The land transportation road network in the wharf area is developed. The transportation network extending in all directions makes the wharf have natural geographical advantages. The port is close to Gaoming Cangjiang Industrial Park, more than 60 kilometers away from Guangzhou and 45 kilometers away from Foshan, and 101 nautical miles away from Hong Kong waterway. The hinterland of the company's goods source extends to Jiangmen, Zhaoqing and other areas of Foshan, with the remarkable characteristics of connecting the East and the West, connecting the north and the south, and connecting the river and the sea.

Full width gantry crane of Gaoming Wharf
Weite cooperated with Foshan gaomingzhu wharf this timeFull width gantry craneYes, the new lifting equipment for customers needs to be installed and put into use on site.
After understanding the urgent needs and opinions of customers, we issued a targetedCustomized product technical solutionsAt the first time, technical engineers were arranged to go to the site, and after arriving at the site, the intense and orderly installation work was quickly started.

Weite wtl-a700 torque limiter instrument
This time, it is installed for the full width gantry crane cooperated by Foshan gaomingzhu wharfWtl-a700 crane torque limiterThe product designed, developed and produced for Weite is aMultifunctional, high-performance, intelligent human-machine interactionHigh end crane safety monitoring device, suitable for electric crane, fixed crane and other lifting equipment.

In addition to the torque limiter of wtl-a700 crane, Weite also equipped the full width gantry crane for Gaoming wharfWeite wfs-2 "little black" new wind cupas well asQgx lifting height limiterWfs-2 new type wind cup is used to measure the instantaneous wind speed and the average wind speed during the operation of the door base machine to achieveAutomatic monitoring, real-time display, over limit alarm and control。 Qgx lifting height limiter can effectively preventJacking, derailment and fallingAnd other equipment and personnel accidents.

Micro special wfs-2 new wind cup installed on site
During the actual installation and commissioning on site, the customer temporarily requiresIncrease luffing limit position deceleration protection and automatic zero clearing of spreader switchingEtc. The Weite technical engineers actively and efficiently communicated with the electrical personnel of the equipment, quickly met the needs of customers, and successfully completed the installation and commissioning tasks within the time required by customers, which solved the urgent needs of customers, and was highly recognized by customers. After being put into the field, it achieved extraordinary good use results.

At present, the product has been installed and debugged, and the user has passed the acceptance. It has been put into the busy cargo throughput of Foshan gaomingzhu wharf. Meanwhile, the user said that he would continue to strengthen the cooperation with Weite in the later period. Weite will also continue to strictly control product quality and service as always, and focus on users to provide reliable products closer to customer needs and perfect and timely technical services.
As a leader in the field of crane safety, Weite has been committed to providing customers with valuable products and services. We hope to minimize the crane safety accident rate through our products and provide customers with more reliable safety management solutions.