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Monitoring of bridge crane, gantry crane and hoist opening meter

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1. Realize the computer monitoring system to replace manual operation, regular patrol inspection, recording and other complicated labor, and realize unattended (or few people on duty).
2. According to the requirements of the national power system reform, realize "separation of power plants and power grids, and bidding for power grid". The reform of electric power system also urges the power station to realize comprehensive automation.
3. The integrated automation of hydropower station can control and dispatch the whole hydropower station (even the cascade hydropower station or the whole basin) from the hydrological observation and report and the cascade hydropower station in the basin; Indicating the start and stop control of the unit; Start and stop control of auxiliary and public equipment; Load distribution to ensure the safe operation of transmission lines. The automatic control of the process can accurately communicate with the dispatching department at the upper level in real time, so as to realize centralized control and management.

Problems faced by users
1. Accurately control the opening of the gate and accurately control the discharge flow
2. Realize braking control of door opening and closing
3. Realize electronic and mechanical double opening limit protection
4. Realize remote monitoring of local working status

Applicable equipment
Type of hoist: hydraulic hoist, winch hoist, portal crane, hand wheel hoist, hand electric hoist, manual hoist, screw hoist, double crane hoist, etc.
The accurate and effective monitoring and control of the gate opening of the hydropower station can realize the control of the reservoir capacity and the effective control of the discharge flow.
Monitoring and controlling the lifting load of the gate hoist can ensure the safe operation of the hoist.
The monitoring of the gate working process can meet the needs of unattended, remote monitoring and centralized control of the power station.

Application of WTG integrated monitoring system