Dam crest gantry crane safety monitoring system - Crane CMScrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System
Dam crest gantry crane safety monitoring system
Dam crest gantry crane safety monitoring system
Dam crest gantry crane safety monitoring system
Weite has specially developed the safety monitoring system of the dam crest gantry crane according to the needs of market customers through real-time dynamic data and underwater visual video (after monitoring the normal alignment of the grabbing beam and the gate, the pin and the gate shall be connected, and the gate shall be lifted after confirming that the grabbing beam of the dam crest gantry crane is in place under the data visualization), so as to ensure that the hydraulic grabbing beam of the dam crest gantry crane can safely and reliably lift the gate during the maintenance of the unit or the cleaning.
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The dam crest or tailrace of the hydropower station is mostly arranged with two-way or one-way mobile gantry crane, which is composed of main lifting trolley, rotary lifting mechanism, crane traveling mechanism, gantry, cab, various electrical equipment and protection devices. It is used to open and close the bulkhead gate of the intake, the flood gate of the upper lock head of the ship lock, the hoisting of large parts of the hydraulic turbine, the installation and maintenance of the service gate of the scouring gate of the ship lock and its fixed hoist, and the hoisting of relevant gates to the gate maintenance room for maintenance and storage; The rotary crane is used for the lifting of small equipment on the dam crest, especially for the safe operation of underwater beam grabbing.

Current situation

Some old equipment adopts traditional logic circuit, most of the new door base machines adopt PLC control circuit, and some door base machines have preliminary COMS management system with insufficient storage capacity.

The mixing of the electromechanical control system of the gate seat leads to the increase of the adaptability of the hardware and software of the safety monitoring system, which brings certain difficulties to the research and development, production and installation of the safety monitoring system. Therefore, it is a difficult point to collect the operation instructions in the safety monitoring system. There are also some equipment without underwater monitoring. It will directly bring safety hazards to the normal maintenance and operation of the power station.

Applicable specifications
Gb12602-1990 safety technical code for overload protection device of hoisting machinery
Gb6067.1 safety regulations for lifting machinery
GB / T 28264-2012 safety monitoring and management system for hoisting machinery
GB / T 20776 classification of hoisting machinery
Gb11632-1989 technical conditions for pressure resistant structural materials of submersibles and underwater installations


The safety monitoring and management system is specially installed for the portal crane. Under the premise that the electrical control system does not change, it completes the collection of most operation commands, limit status, operation status of various mechanisms, brake status and other signals, as well as the collection or loading of original equipment sensor signals or lifting instrument signals through communication with PLC or relevant switch commands, and adds the video (voice) signal collection and processing of crane, trolley traveling and hook working area and driver operation, and also addsThe underwater grabbing beam is in place and the pin is inserted and retracted for operationProcess data monitoring and control; andUnderwater video full operation process picture monitoringThe functions and technical indicators of the safety monitoring system after transformation conform to the standard of safety monitoring and management system for lifting appliances (GB / t28264-2012), meet the requirements of different equipment configuration, and also meet the upgrading and compatibility after the later national standard changes.

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Practical application cases

Some cases of Geheyan Hydropower Station