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Intelligent berthing system for offshore oil transportation of Weite

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The offshore crude oil export operation is a large-scale operation with high risk and long time span. During the whole operation process from berthing, pumping and exporting of ten thousand tonnage oil tankers to unberthing and unberthing of oil tankers, FPSO mooring propagation stress is related to the safety of the whole operation.

▶ Distance between oil tanker and FPSO

(Tension between oil tanker and FPSO)

In the past, the tension of the cable has been monitored manually to monitor the distance between the oil tanker and the FPSO, and the real-time data of the cable has been reported to the captain of the oil tanker. The captain of the oil tanker operates the ship and berths according to the data reported by the monitoring personnel, and adjusts the distance between the oil tanker and the FPSO. The single and backward means of communication is the biggest potential safety hazard during oil extraction.

In order to avoid the above risks, micro special technology provides CNOOC with a technical solution for monitoring the tension of large cables, which improves the safety and reliability of oil extraction.

▶ Overview of Real time Monitoring of Cable Tension


In order to realize the real-time monitoring of cable tension, the system places the mobile terminal on the oil tanker, and realizes the real-time monitoring of cable tension and ship heading through wireless transmission technology. The mooring captain and ship operator can observe the cable tension and ship heading through the mobile terminal, and observe the cable dynamics and FPSO ship orientation in real time. At the same time, when the cable tension and compass data are not within the set safety threshold, the system will give an alarm, Real time record and display data.

During the construction, the engineer overcame the influence of epidemic situation, strictly followed the epidemic situation management policy in the operation area, and completed the installation and commissioning tasks on time and with quality.

(Real time monitoring system diagram of cable tension)

▶  System landing effect diagram display

(Signal processing box and wireless module)

(Cable tension calibration interface)


(Handheld terminal)

▶ Follow up of system implementation

After the completion of the project, the engineer of Weite is ready to return to the land by helicopter. When the person in charge of the site sends off, he still thanks the engineer of Weite and reports that the interface of the safety monitoring system of Dawao Rally is clear, and the display of various parameters is clear at a glance. Your system can monitor the pulling force and bow direction of the big cable in real time, and give early warning or alarm to our staff in time, so that we can have a better understanding of crude oil export operations.

▶ Offshore platform

(offshore platform)

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