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Smart construction site - tower crane safety monitoring and management system

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Tower crane black box
The tower crane black box (also known as the tower crane remote safety monitoring system) is mainly used for the real-time monitoring of the tower crane, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by the operator's negligence or misjudgment, and greatly ensure the safe use of the tower crane.
Weite WTL type tower crane black box is a new generation of high-performance tower crane safety monitoring device designed and produced according to the relevant requirements of GB / T 5031-2008 tower crane, GB 12602-2009 overload protection device for cranes, GB 5144-2006 safety regulations for tower cranes, GB 6067.1-2010 safety regulations for cranes and GB / t3811-2008 code for design of cranes. The product has reached the leading level in China through expert identification, and has obtained major scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province.

The product won the major scientific and technological achievement award of Hubei Province

Smart construction site - tower crane safety monitoring and management system
Schematic diagram of local layout
Monitoring instrument

Tower crane anti-collision system
Smart construction site - tower crane anti-collision interface
Characteristics of intelligent anti-collision system for tower crane group
1. The advanced algorithm ensures that the alarm signal is sent out in time.
2. Additional installation will not change the original line and structure of the tower crane and will not produce any negative effect.
3. Sound and light prompt, simple and convenient, can remind the driver to pay attention to the danger without distracting the driver.
4. Centralized management, all data changes and parameter adjustments can be completed in the monitoring room without tower crane operation.
5. Centralized observation: the monitoring room can observe the operation of the equipment on each tower crane in real time, and can find the fault in time.
6. Reliable communication, long communication distance and strong ability to cross obstacles.
7. The installation and disassembly are convenient, and the installation process has little impact on the tower crane operation.
8. The equipment on the tower is easy to operate, and the driver does not need to modify any data to avoid the fault caused by human error.
9. Small size, compact structure, small space in the cab, easy to install and use.
10. The successful application experience of nearly 200 successful cases and nearly 1000 equipment has tested the product performance and quality, and also provided valuable experience for technicians and installers.

Schematic diagram of hook area protection
Remote monitoring management system
The remote safety monitoring and management system of Weite crane is developed by Weite company according to the new standard of the national crane safety monitoring and management system. It is aimed at the transformation of various bridge erection equipment and the mandatory implementation of the new standard, and can also be used for various lifting construction equipment in other fields. The system monitors the operation of the equipment in an all-round safe real-time manner, avoids the safety accidents caused by the negligence or error of the operator, and effectively ensures the safe use of the equipment.
The system can accurately reflect the real-time and real-time working conditions of the monitoring object in real time, and is equipped with aviation level fault data recorder (black box), which can reproduce the key database of the equipment in different periods at any time and provide traceable objective historical records. Based on safety monitoring, information recording and remote control function modules, the system realizes self diagnosis of faults, effective early warning of possible dangers of equipment, remote diagnosis and fault repair of equipment with faults according to historical data analysis function, and comprehensively improves the safety of large-scale equipment operation.

Hook visualization system
The wtvi-qtz tower crane hook visualization system can display the real-time video images around the hook to the tower crane driver in real time with high-definition images, which solves the industrial problems such as the blind area of the tower crane driver's vision, the blurred vision at a long distance, and the error prone manual voice guidance at the construction site. At the same time, it reduces the labor cost and improves the work efficiency In the latest situation, it is an indispensable industry tool to improve the supervision effect, reduce safety accidents, promote digital standard construction sites, etc. the visualization system can be configured separately or matched with the monitoring system, and the project department can view it remotely.

Functional features
1. Visual lifting, reduce the risk of blind lifting and improve the safety factor
The camera is installed at the front end of the boom of the tower crane or above the hook. The shooting area will not be blocked by other objects. The camera can automatically track the hook and automatically focus. The driver can clearly see the shooting picture, judge the lifting situation independently according to the shooting picture, and achieve the double insurance effect with the guidance of the signalman.
2. Process records and accident responsibility analysis
Automatic video guidance device, accident responsibility division analysis, tower crane automatic video guidance device stores the video signal collected by the spherical camera and the intercom recording of the seller and the tower crane driver in real time, and can store relevant data for 30 days After the accident, the video and audio data in the video guide can be read to restore the site situation at that time, so that the safety supervision department and the site safety department can find the cause of the accident and confirm the responsible party.
3. Improve work efficiency and flexible matching
After installation, the tower crane driver can put the hook of the visualization system in position at one time according to the clear video, and can also select the appropriate time for lifting according to the video, and can timely find out the abnormal conditions in the lifting process, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The visualization system can be configured separately or matched with the monitoring system, and can realize remote viewing and other functions.
Face recognition system
Tower cranes, lifts and other professional equipment need special drivers to operate, and operators must work with certificates. It is necessary to verify the driver's identity, and connect the face recognition module with the ignition switch, so that the operator can determine the person and the post to ensure the operation with the certificate. Prevent unauthorized personnel from operating the equipment and avoid danger.

Functional features
1. Combined with the Internet of things technology, the on-site operator's certificates can be viewed remotely and in real time;
2. The face recognition system is connected with the equipment control system. Only after the face recognition comparison can the equipment be operated;
3. Data recording, which can record the time of the operator on duty and the time of leaving the post, etc., so as to facilitate the statistics of working time;
4. The identity information data is distributed remotely. When the on-site driver is changed, the data will be changed through the network and the on-site hardware will automatically identify.