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Zhoushan Wison crawler crane monitoring system successfully accepted

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Recently, the safety monitoring system of quy400 crawler crane manufactured by Weite Technology Co., Ltd. and installed in Zhoushan Wison offshore engineering has been successfully accepted and put into operation after a series of complicated and orderly installation and commissioning.
Wison ocean
The main business of Wison offshore engineering is engineering services, offshore engineering and new chemical materials. The global layout has covered Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America and Europe, covering the storage and utilization of basic energy such as coal, oil and natural gas, onshore energy engineering services, offshore engineering equipment manufacturing and downstream chemical new materials development, We are committed to providing professional services and high-quality products to cross industry customers in different regions.
Quy400 crawler crane
▲ quy400 crawler crane
Wison ocean quy400 crawler crane is the large tonnage mobile lifting equipment of the plant. The equipment has high operation intensity and is a large tonnage lifting operation during the operation. It plays an irreplaceable important role in the production process of assembly, transfer, loading and unloading. The wtsm-a safety monitoring system installed by Weite plays an important role in the safe operation of the equipment.
As Wison offshore engineering is located in Zhoushan Archipelago, the equipment is faced with harsh climatic environment during use, such as high temperature in summer, low temperature in winter, humidity, corrosion of seawater, vibration and other objective factors.
In the early stage of installation, Weite specially assigned professional technical engineers to the site to investigate the equipment with the site management personnel to confirm the collection mode of operation instructions, the installation mode and selection of weight sensors, and the installation position and installation mode of various sensors. Make a comprehensive understanding of the working conditions and other performance parameters of the equipment, and finally issue a research report. Through the analysis and research of the research report, formulate a perfect construction scheme.
Data acquisition box
▲ data acquisition box
Due to the complex and special operating environment of the equipment, Weite specially designed a data acquisition box of special material for the equipment. The data acquisition box can prevent the corrosion of the box by humid air and acidic rain, and reach the advanced waterproof standard to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electrical components in the box. The incoming and outgoing cables are equipped with marine grade protection pipes to reduce cable corrosion and aging, and improve the service life and safety reliability of the monitoring system.
Electronic azimuth
▲ electronic azimuth meter
Weite also equipped the equipment with an electronic azimuth, which can monitor the rotation angle of the equipment in real time with the change of the rotation direction of the equipment.
Lifting point area (ball machine)
▲ ball machine in lifting point area
Due to the large operating radius and complex operating environment of the equipment, in order to allow operators to better observe the specific conditions of the lifting point and ensure safe operation, Weiwei specially installed a high-pixel 360 ° panoramic camera for the equipment. The camera has high pixels, adjustable direction and zoom, enabling the operator to observe the actual situation of the work area without dead angle at 360 ° to enhance the safety and reliability of the equipment.
The micro special crawler crane safety monitoring system can perform real-time collection, real-time monitoring, dynamic display, sound and light alarm, data backup, power-off memory, password protection and other functions under the operating conditions of the crawler crane. Moreover, the design of the instrument has strong anti-interference, friendly operation interface, and the display screen is more intuitive, clear at a glance and universal than the traditional instrument. When the crane is running close to the limit value and the specified value, the system will remind the driver. When the limit value is reached, the system will warn the driver and stop the dangerous operation of the driver.
Through the cooperation with Zhoushan Wison offshore engineering, Weite has made another significant achievement in the performance of crawler crane safety monitoring system. Weite has the ability to provide high-quality customized crane safety monitoring system solutions for cranes operating under various complex working conditions and harsh environments.