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Weite's dynamic and precise weighing system for port gantry cranes helps improve efficiency in Xiamen Bay Port

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Recently, Xiamen Bay Port Co., Ltd. of Zhangzhou Investment Promotion Bureau issued a document praising the dynamic weighing management system of Weite Port, stating that "the production line has made efforts to sprint, and the loading operation efficiency of Xiamen Bay Port has reached new heights".

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Xiamen Bay Port uses a dynamic weighing system that is particularly suitable for port operations. This system has been developed through years of practical exploration and research by Weite Technology Co., Ltd. It can improve port operation efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

At the end of March, Xiamen Net Port Company fully utilized the role of the micro and special weighing system, focusing on the preparation work of ship operations, adjusting the operation hatch and balancing the hatch during the operation period. Through the weighing system, the real-time tracking of ship operation dynamics was carried out, and efficient loading operations were completed for two 50000 ton sand and gravel ships, the "Hongyun Development" and "Changhesheng". Assisted China Merchants Xiamen Bay Port Co., Ltd. in achieving a daily efficiency of over 60000 tons, reaching 60507 tons per ship, and breaking through the efficiency of sand and gravel loading, setting a new historical high.

What is the dynamic weighing system for port gantry cranes?

weighing system:Based on self-developed engines, break the current situation of isolated port data, and unify the integration of various business system data such as discrete real-time monitoring systems and facility management systems; The platform supports three-dimensional supervision of port personnel and goods from multiple dimensions such as objects, events, and performance, helping users achieve unified collaboration. The accuracy rate of homework frequency statistics reaches 99.99%, the accuracy error of weight statistics is ≤ 2%, the loading and unloading efficiency is improved by 10%, and the logistics efficiency is improved by 30%.

What are the characteristics of the dynamic weighing system for port gantry cranes

◆ The dynamic weighing system of the gantry crane effectively connects with the port dispatch department and engineering technology department, providing convenient services for arranging production plans.

◆ Provide 24-hour online weighing service, provide detailed weighing data reports, compare weighing data with other system data, display real-time weighing data changes, and record the data.

◆ The system is developed using professional software, which is easy to use and can easily record and query dynamic weighing data.

◆ The port dynamic weighing system adopts advanced technology, which can effectively prevent human cheating and ensure the accuracy and completeness of data during the weighing process.

◆ Provide data statistics function, which can provide reports according to port requirements and analyze historical weighing data.

◆ Provide management personnel with a mobile phone to view real-time dynamic weighing information, and can visually monitor all operations throughout the entire time period.

◆ It can effectively prevent cheating and protect the interests of the enterprise and employees.

◆ The system has strong scalability and can be customized and developed according to customer needs.

◆ The system adopts modular design, which can facilitate the secondary development of the system by enterprises.

◆ The system adopts standard protocols for data docking with other software to ensure the stability and reliability of information exchange.

◆ The system has security and confidentiality functions, which can ensure user privacy.

◆ The system has good scalability and compatibility, and can meet the needs of different users.

◆ The system has comprehensive after-sales service to provide long-term services for enterprises.