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Weite 600t crawler crane monitoring system completed acceptance

Time:2019-04-22 11:19 Read:12171 Source:Internet
The main structure of chentian mine power station in Zaozhuang, Shandong Province is under intense construction. The steel structure is the main component of the power station. The large box plate weighs more than 100 tons, and the large 600t crawler crane in the figure plays a key role. The maximum lifting capacity of 600t and the maximum lifting height of more than 100m are enough to show that this is a big guy.
This machine is precisely equipped with the micro special safety monitoring system. The monitoring system screen has automatic switching of multiple working conditions and comprehensive data collection.

At the same time, the system also carries out video monitoring on the key positions of the equipment. In addition to real-time monitoring of each winch, a 360 degree automatic detection spherical camera is also installed on the head of the boom more than 100 meters to ensure that there will be no blind area operation during the lifting process.