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Grab beam pin in place
Grab beam pin in place
Grab beam pin in place
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WT-CM/JMDigital synchronous displacement sensor

At present, there are many related products on the market. Compared with other products on the market, the wt-c (J) m grab beam underwater pin penetration full stroke displacement sensor has the following characteristics and innovation points:

1. Impact and corrosion resistance

Most of the other competitive products on the market use 201 shell with a thickness of 1.2mm, which can not resist the impact of sundries and long-term underwater immersion corrosion. The shell of the micro special grab beam underwater pin through sensor is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 6mm. It has high mechanical strength and can adapt to the harsh environment such as strong water impact, high pressure and high sediment. It can be immersed in the water for a long time without corrosion.

2. Less cables and stable communication

Most of the relevant sensors in the existing market use switching value or 4-20mA output. Each sensor needs to occupy 1-2 cables, which not only causes instability and attenuation of analog signals, but also increases the cost of deepwater cables and drums. RS-485 bus is adopted for the underwater pin transmission of micro special grabbing beam, and only two lines of four displacement sensors can collect all signals. RS-485 bus with balanced transmission mode, with transmission distance up to

1500 meters, multiple drivers and receivers can share the same transmission line, with good anti common mode interference ability.

3. The communication address can be set on site

The RS-485 communication address of the underwater pin passing sensor of the micro special grabbing beam can be modified on the site through the software without returning to the factory, which can effectively avoid conflicts with other equipment on the site and provide convenience for users.

4. Simple replacement and convenient maintenance

Most of the relevant sensors on the market use the integral potting technology. When the processing circuit of the sensor fails, it can only be scrapped. Wt-c (J) m grabbing beam underwater pin in place full stroke displacement sensor adopts innovative patented technology, and the seal is specially treated, which effectively reduces the problem of long-term operation heat generation of electrical components, increases the service life of the sensor, and can easily replace the circuit to achieve the purpose of multiple use and save the operating cost of the power station.

5. Sealing performance

When each wt-c (J) m grabbing beam is put into place through underwater pin, the full stroke displacement sensor needs to undergo 3Mpa hydraulic test simulated by a pressure tester in addition to the routine quality test. After 72 hours of test, the sensor with data signal transmission and sealing performance meeting the requirements can be delivered, effectively ensuring that the quality of each sensor meets the requirements.

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