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Crown block safety protection device solution

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The crown block safety protection device is composed of sensors, operational amplifiers, control actuators and load indicators, which integrates display, control and alarm functions. When the crane lifts an object, the sensor deforms, converts the load weight into an electric signal, and indicates the value of the load through calculation and amplification. When the load reaches the rated value 90%Send an early warning signal; When the load exceeds the rated load, cut off the power source of the lifting mechanism. Crown block safety protection device is widely used in gantry crane.

Vetor WTZThe crown block safety protection device is designed for all kinds of cranes to ensure the safety of cranes and operators. The product absorbs many advantages of the existing crown block safety protection devices in the market. Through the feedback of the lifting structure of the crane (weight sensor) to the instrument for collection, comparison, reading, judgment, display the current weight and give corresponding working condition indication, After exceeding the rated weight, quickly cut off the lifting circuit of the crane hook, so that the crane can not lift heavy objects, so as to protect the safety of the crane and operators. The safety protection device of crown block has the characteristics of good performance, high reliability, light and convenient.