Weite Appears at Singapore Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition - Company newscrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System

Weite Appears at Singapore Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition

Time:2024-03-15 09:14 Read:1548 Source:Internet

On March 13-15, 2024, Asia Pacific Maritime held its biennial exhibition in Singapore, abbreviated as the Singapore Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition. It has attracted more than 1500 exhibitors from all over the world, including shipbuilding, floating production platforms, offshore factory ship, LNG equipment, offshore fishing grounds, port equipment, work boats, marine engineering, marine engines, pumps, fire safety and other enterprises.

Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) is known as a highly important international maritime event in Singapore, and has successfully held 17 sessions. As an important international maritime exhibition in the Asia Pacific region, it is a comprehensive business platform for high-quality purchasers in the Asia Pacific region to conduct trade and exchanges with international maritime suppliers, helping participating companies explore new international markets and global business.

Weite Technologies Co., Ltd. is exhibiting traditional and innovative technology products at the exhibition. The exhibited products include: steel wire rope detection system, marine lifting torque, remote monitoring platform for gantry cranes, overload CCTV (industrial video), predictive maintenance, tower crane collision prevention, smart construction site, wire less tension gauge, anchor weighing system, etc.

At the opening of the exhibition, we continuously received visitors to inquire about special products and cooperation, and our partners from countries and regions such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia also came to exchange ideas.

With the continuous development and growth of Weite International Business Unit, Weite's overseas market has expanded from a spark to Europe, Asia, and Africa, with products and services covering 60 countries and regions worldwide, enjoying a certain market share in the international market.

Weite continues to pursue quality service, continuously enhance brand value, enhance its competitive advantage, and provide valuable solutions for global lifting safety.