The bridge crane monitoring project of Xinjiang hydropower station has been successfully accepted - Gantry cranecrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System

The bridge crane monitoring project of Xinjiang hydropower station has been successfully accepted

Time:2024-03-15 09:42 Read:1573 Source:Internet

The Kumarak River, which originates from the middle of Tianshan Mountains, will be the largest source of the Tarim River after being merged into the Aksu River. It will flow through the Tarim Basin, the largest inland basin in China. The power station we see in the picture is located on this Kumarak River.

Here, we need to upgrade and transform the safety protection device of the 200T bridge crane in the hydropower station. The operators in the driver's cab and central control room need to synchronously see the real-time screen of the bridge crane operation, and the safety monitoring management system assists the operators in precise operation and safe production.

The biggest inconvenience near the power station is living. There are no lively markets or hotels to live in, so we can only reserve enough supplies in advance and build temporary accommodations in containers. The howling of wolves in the early morning often rises and falls, adding some vitality to this vast land.

Fortunately, our technical team has a solid foundation, reasonable division of labor, positive attitude, and tacit cooperation, which has made the project progress beyond imagination. Installation and debugging are completed in one go, and inspection and acceptance are completed in one step.

The upgraded system has solved the problem of blind spots in the field of vision for operators. It not only facilitates operators to observe the entire lifting process, but also alarms and controls dangerous actions. The central control room synchronizes real-time on-site images to ensure work safety and improve work efficiency.

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