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Tire crane safety solution

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The tire crane has a tire at the bottom,Movable crane. The tire crane is a kind of full rotary crane that installs the lifting mechanism on a special chassis composed of heavy tires and axles. Its upper structure is basically the same as that of the crawler crane. In order to ensure the stability of the fuselage during installation, the crane is provided with four telescopic legs. During lifting, it is generally necessary to lower the outrigger, increase the bearing surface, and level the fuselage to ensure the stability of the crane. The tire crane has the characteristics of short body, flexible operation and high efficiency.

Since its establishment in 2002, Weite has been focusing on the R & D and production of crane safety protection devices and automatic monitoring and control systems. We have deep research on various types of tire cranes at home and abroad. According to different tire cranes and different customers' construction needs, Weite has perfect solutions and rich practical experience.

Solution for torque limiter of tire crane

Video monitoring solution for Tire Container Stacker

Recommended instrument for torque limiter: wtl-a200 or wtl-a700

When the tire crane is working, it is necessary to frequently change the working conditions according to the actual situation on the site, such as changing the lifting angle(range)However, the maximum rated lifting capacity and the maximum and minimum working amplitude that can be hoisted under different working conditions are different. Therefore, a set of devices is required to comprehensively monitor and judge the above parameters, make indications of the working conditions such as normal operation, full load, overload, amplitude exceeding the upper limit and amplitude exceeding the lower limit of the crane, and alarm, prompt and control accordingly to ensure the normal operation of the lifting machinery.

Wtl-a200wtl-a700 torque limiter is a safety protection device applied to lifting machinery according to the above requirements. The gbl2602-2009 safety technical specification for overload protection device of crane appliances officially issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision puts forward clear requirements for the equipment and technical performance of the crane torque limiter.