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Bridge crane / overhead crane safety monitoring system

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The bridge crane is a lifting equipment that is used to lift materials across the workshop, warehouse and stockyard. Because its two ends are located on tall concrete columns or metal supports, it looks like a bridge. The bridge of the bridge crane runs longitudinally along the rails laid on the viaducts on both sides, which can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials without being hindered by the ground equipment. It is the most widely used and the largest number of lifting machinery.

Lifting capacity limiter of bridge crane

The lifting weight limiter measures the weight of the load through the weight sensor, and the instrument displays the actual load in real time. When the load reaches the set value of its rated load, it will send an audible and visual alarm signal, and can give the switching output. The whole system is composed of sensors, connecting cables and microcomputer host.
Weite electronic WTZ series products are applicable to the safety protection of electric hoists, bridge cranes, portal cranes, tower cranes, elevators, ship lifts, hoists and port cranes of various models and tonnage, and have many qualifications and patents.
Recommended instrument: wtz-a (100 / 200) lifting weight limiter, which is determined according to the lifting weight on site.

Typical schematic diagram of bridge crane lifting capacity limiter
Basic functions:
1. Real time monitoring: real time monitoring and collection of working condition data related to safety such as lifting weight and angle.
2. Audible and visual alarm: when the actual working condition parameters will reach the preset limit value, the instrument will give an audible and visual alarm prompt. When the preset limit value is reached, the safety control signal will be output at the same time to ensure construction safety.
3. Overrun control: when the lifting weight reaches or exceeds the preset limit value, the host will output a safety control signal to control the crane while giving an audible and visual alarm to ensure the lifting safety
4. Backup recovery: after all on-site commissioning is completed, all current data can be backed up to the memory. Once the data is modified and the instrument cannot work normally, the recovery password can be input at any time to restore the internal data of the instrument to the original commissioning parameters.
5. Adaptive voltage: two specifications of civil 220VAC and industrial 380VAC are adopted for power input, with strong adaptability on site. At the same time, 220VAC and 380VAC can be adopted for the output node of control circuit.

Technical features:
1. Simple debugging: all key operation, simple and convenient debugging
2. Anti shake delay: taking full account of the possibility of instability during crane operation, the instrument is designed with unique anti shake delay performance to ensure stable operation of the instrument
3. Power failure protection: data will not be lost in case of sudden power failure. Can work continuously for a long time
4. Automatic compensation function: the "temperature drift" and "zero drift" of the sensor can be automatically adjusted and compensated
5. Not afraid of electromagnetic interferenceThe software and hardware adopt anti-interference technology, which has strong anti-interference ability to external electromagnetic waves
6. Password protection: in order to prevent equipment failure caused by irrelevant personnel arbitrarily changing crane parameters, multi-level password protection function is set. Only after entering the correct password can the corresponding parameter setting interface be modified.
7. controlRelease: in the "control release" state, even if the crane is in an abnormal working state, the master controller will not output control signals.
8. External large screen: in order to make it convenient for outdoor construction personnel to know the current load of the lifting device in real time, large-size highlight display screen can also be connected.
9. Wireless sensing: supports wireless sensor devices.

Performance advantages:
1. Stronger versatility: it can meet the needs of various types of crane machinery and meet the requirements of stepless alarm under various working conditions; Applicable equipment is more general. Configuration software design, more stable and convenient selection of operating system according to equipment
2. Strong scalability: the host can control up to 4 relays; RS485 and 4 ~ 20mA interface expansion can be reserved
3. Faster, more accurate and more reliable: the core of the main board adopts the self-developed MS51 single chip microcomputer main board and its supporting standard I / O card, plus the corresponding signal conditioning module, which can flexibly change the data acquisition and output control. The processing speed is faster, the accuracy is higher, and the reliability is further improved;

Practical application cases

Baotou Steel

Bridge crane safety monitoring system

According to the national standard safety monitoring and management system for cranes (GB / T 28264-2012), there are 8 monitoring parameters, 8 monitoring states and video monitoring systems in the safety monitoring and management system for overhead cranes.
National standard functional requirements (Metallurgical bridge crane safety monitoring and management system)
1. The system shall have the function of processing and controlling the above information.
2. The system shall have the function of real-time recording and Historical Tracing of the operation status and fault information of lifting machinery.
3. The system shall have fault self diagnosis function. There shall be a self-test program when the system is started, and an alarm signal can be sent immediately in case of fault of the system itself.
4. The actual program scanning cycle of the system shall not be greater than 100ms.
5. The system data storage time shall not be less than 30 consecutive working days, and the video storage time shall not be less than 72h.
6. The system shall have the function of real-time display of lifting machinery operation status, and can display the working status and working parameters in the form of graphics, images, charts and words.
7. The alarm device of the system shall be able to send clear audible and visual alarm to the operators of hoisting machinery and the personnel in the dangerous area.
8. The communication protocol of the system shall comply with the national standard, and the user agreement shall be open to the public.
9. The management of the system shall be carried out by authorized personnel.
The acceptance inspection of the safety monitoring and management system of lifting machinery shall be in accordance with the provisions of item C9 of TSG q7015-2016.
Schematic diagram of bridge crane safety monitoring system Installation photos and platform features of bridge crane safety monitoring system
Application schematic diagram, installation photos and platform features of safety monitoring system of bridge crane in power house
Description of relevant functions of safety monitoring and management system of metallurgical bridge crane
1、 Data acquisition function
Collect the crane parameters and States listed in tables 1-1 and 1-2, as well as the specific lifting time, load time, overload time, lifting times and other parameters of CSM to ensure the real-time quality of the sampling data.
2、 Data storage and analysis function
The collected data can be stored for at least 30 consecutive working days, and the video can be stored for 72h, so as to facilitate the analysis of the causes after the accident, clarify the accident responsibilities and formulate preventive measures.
3、 Fault alarm function
Monitor the pre alarm parameters of the crane, including overload, rope loosening, motor overspeed, limit status, anti-collision status, lifting mechanism brake status, etc. when the parameters alarm, the system will send an audible and visual alarm to remind the crane operator and site construction personnel.
4、 Prediction of safe service life of crane and wire rope
Record the effective operation time of the crane, calculate the safe service life of the crane and the wire rope according to the heavy load time and light load time of the load and the European standards FEM 9.511 and FEM 9.755. Remind users to conduct maintenance in time to reduce the probability of accidents.
This algorithm is not detection data, but it can provide basis for regular maintenance of crane and wire rope.
5、 Equipment spot check management
It can be integrated with the routine check system to record the equipment's routine check personnel, routine check time, routine check frequency, etc., and realize the work supervision of the routine check personnel.
6、 User authorization function
Users can be granted three levels of permissions: operator, engineer and system administrator. The system operation shall only be carried out by authorized personnel.

Description of relevant parameter acquisition and function realization of safety monitoring and management system of metallurgical bridge crane
Lifting capacity: if the metallurgical crane has been installed with a load cell, it does not need to be reinstalled. The analog output signal of the sensor is connected to the CSM module to realize weighing collection.
Lifting height / lowering depth: to obtain this parameter, it is necessary to install a multi turn absolute value encoder.
According to field observation, the encoder can be installed on the outside of the transmission shaft or the drum shaft, and the absolute value encoder can be connected by adding an extension shaft and a connecting flange. According to the change of the code value, the hook position and speed can be calculated.
Travel: the crane encoder can be installed on the connecting shaft between the motor drive and the wheel. Make a butt gear sleeve on the connecting shaft and connect the encoder through the gear flange.
The encoder of the trolley can be installed on the outside of the low-speed shaft, and the low-speed shaft rotates with the trolley traveling. Therefore, the encoder can be directly fixed on the outside of the shaft through the connecting flange.
The above is only the installation method of the encoder. The specific dimensions of the installation accessories shall be determined according to the crane mechanical drawings or on-site measurement.
Operation instruction, limit status and overspeed protection status: the original vehicle control system is Siemens 300plc, model s7-315-2dp, and the above parameters have been collected. In order to obtain the above parameters, two methods can be adopted: first, the PLC of the safety monitoring management system and the PLC of the original vehicle communicate through MPI or DP to read the above parameters; 2、 The monitoring software WinCC directly reads the PLC data of the original vehicle and the data collected by the PLC of the safety monitoring system for comprehensive display and storage. Both methods do not change the original PLC control program, but the program data address and necessary configuration of the original PLC must be known.
Lifting mechanism brake status: install the travel switch to detect the mechanical action of the brake.
Accumulated working time and each working cycle: obtained by program algorithm.
Status of anti-collision device: the original vehicle adopts mechanical anti-collision mode. It is recommended to install the Swedish gigasense microwave anti-collision system or install the infrared anti-collision system to realize the anti-collision protection of the crane. The status of the anti-collision device can be obtained by collecting the deceleration and stop switch output.
Video monitoring system: video monitoring camera, hard disk video recorder and LCD are installed to monitor the crane hook area and traveling area.
Photos of safety monitoring system of metallurgical bridge crane Installation photos and platform features of safety monitoring system of metallurgical bridge crane
Application diagram, installation photos and platform features of safety monitoring system of metallurgical bridge crane
For the safety monitoring system of the bridge and portal crane of the hydropower station, please refer to: