Wtz-a200 lifting weight limiter - Limitercrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System
Wtz-a200 lifting weight limiter
Wtz-a200 lifting weight limiter
Wtz-a200 lifting weight limiter
Wtz-a200 lifting weight limiter adopts the single-chip processing system developed by our company. It has a modular motherboard structure and has the characteristics of good performance, high reliability, light and convenient device. Fully comply with the technical code for safety of overload protection devices of cranes (gb12602-90)
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Wtl-a200 torque limiter is a blue screen torque limiter developed and produced by Weite. It has been in service in the market for more than 15 years. This type of torque limiter can monitor the maximum rated lifting capacity and the maximum and minimum working amplitude of the crane under different working conditions and parameters in real time, and make the indication of the working conditions of the crane, such as normal operation, full load, overload, amplitude exceeding the upper limit and amplitude exceeding the lower limit, and give corresponding alarm, prompt and control to ensure the normal operation of the lifting machinery.

Powerful scalability:

It also has all general functions of torque limiter, 5 relay outputs, reserved RS485 / 4-20mA interface for expandable remote monitoring, and external large screen display.

Stable reliability:

Many years of practical experience has been integrated into the development and iteration of the instrument for several times, and the application environment redundancy and expansion tolerance have been fully considered. Conventional strict multi-layer instrument testing, multi-layer quality control personnel testing and delivery. The normal service life can reach more than ten years.

Easy handling:

Over the years, many users have provided good feedback on self installation, self operation and commissioning, and self reset and relocation.

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Engineering case

Wtl-a200 torque limiter is applicable to various types of cranes, such as: crane ship, gantry crane, marine deck crane, telescopic crane, folding boom crane, fixed crane, truck crane, crawler crane, mast crane, pipe crane, DBQ crane, truck crane, boom tower crane, bridge deck crane, etc.