Wtl-a220 torque limiter - LMIcrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System
Wtl-a220 torque limiter
Wtl-a220 torque limiter
Wtl-a220 torque limiter
When the crane is working, it is necessary to frequently change the working conditions according to the actual situation on the site, such as changing the lifting angle (amplitude), lifting arm length, etc. under different working conditions and parameters
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Wtl-a220 torque limiter host is a special control host for the remote safety monitoring system of tower crane. This product has won the major scientific and technological achievement award of Hubei Province. Wtl-a220 torque limiter is divided into 3 limit, 5 limit, 6 limit, remote type and single machine type. The system can monitor the lifting weight of the tower crane, the amplitude of the trolley, the height of the hook, the rotation direction, the real-time wind speed, and the GPS positioning. At the same time, it has other customized functions such as remote data transmission and remote monitoring of the working conditions of the tower crane.

Powerful scalability:

Special product for tower crane torque limiter,5Circuit relay output, reservedRS485/4-20mAThe interface can be extended for remote monitoring and can be externally connected to outdoor large screen display.

Stable reliability:

Many years of practical experience has been integrated into the development and iteration of the instrument for several times, and the application environment redundancy and expansion tolerance have been fully considered. Conventional strict multi-layer instrument testing, multi-layer quality control personnel testing and delivery. The normal service life can reach more than ten years.

Easy handling:

Over the years, many users have provided good feedback on self installation, self operation and commissioning, and self reset and relocation.

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Tower crane remote monitoring platform

After the system is connected to the remote monitoring platform, it can accurately reflect the real-time working condition of the monitoring object through the platform, and it is equipped with aviation level fault data recorder (black box), which can reproduce the key database of the equipment in different periods at any time and provide traceable objective historical records. Based on safety monitoring, information recording and remote control function modules, the system realizes self diagnosis of faults, effective early warning of possible dangers of equipment, remote diagnosis and fault repair of equipment with faults according to historical data analysis function, and comprehensively improves the safety of large-scale equipment operation.

Engineering case

Wtl-a220 torque limiter is applicable to various tower cranes, such as: conventional tower crane, flat head tower crane, boom tower crane, etc.