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Moment limiter of floating crane

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1、 Overview
Floating crane. A floating platform carrying cranes, which can be moved to any place in the port, or berthed, or moved to the anchorage to transship goods. It is divided into fixed derrick floating crane and full rotary floating crane.
Floating crane can usually lift overweight goods, which is called floating crane transportation; The floating crane can also be used for fishing operations, which is called floating crane fishing; It is also used in bridge construction, called floating crane construction.

2、 User requirements
There are many signals to be detected: compared with the three-way signals of the torque limiter system of the traditional door base machine, the signal amount is increased by more than three times.
Long signal transmission distance: many signals in the sensor industry output weak signals, and long-distance fidelity transmission of signals is a problem that must be solved.
Complex control requirements: the control requirements of the crane for the torque limiter system are becoming more and more complex, and the output points are required to be more and more.

3、 Solution:
The serial communication network topology and the master-slave communication mode are adopted to realize the construction of the torque limiter system of the large floating crane.
Example: structure of moment system of 2400t floating crane ship: