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Solution for Remote Control System of Medium sized Reservoir Gates

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Recently, the gate remote control system of Chegu Reservoir in Wu'an City, which is in the charge of Weite Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully accepted and delivered for use.


Chegu Reservoir is located in Chegu Village at the upstream of Nanming River in the northwest of Wu'an City. The total storage capacity is 37.99 million cubic meters, and the Xingli storage capacity is 31.22 million cubic meters. The designed irrigation area is 102000 acres. The designed installed capacity is 1260 kilowatts. It is a medium-sized reservoir mainly used for flood storage and irrigation, taking into account the comprehensive utilization of flood control, power generation, and human and animal drinking water.

Weite undertook the reconstruction of Chegu Reservoir in Wu'an City. The dam hoist room is divided into spillway bulkhead gate, Spillway bulkhead gate, and power tunnel bulkhead gate. Each gate has not been equipped with a remote control system. The gate control room is far from the local duty room, which is very inconvenient to monitor and control the gate.



The technical solution provided by Weite for Chegu Reservoir in Wu'an City, the whole system adopts 5 sets of gate local operation boxes, 5 sets of programmable control units and related supporting communication facilities, and is designed with programmable controller control mode. The local control unit completes the data collection and preprocessing of the gate, is responsible for transmitting data information through the network, and automatically obeys the commands and management of the upper computer.

▲System structure diagram

The industrial video subsystem includes five major parts: camera, transmission, control, display, and storage. The camera transmits video images to the control host through cables, which then distributes video signals to the monitor. Through the control host, the operator can issue instructions to control the camera's up, down, left, and right movements, as well as zoom and zoom the lens. The control host can also switch between multiple cameras. By utilizing a special recording processing mode, images can be input, played back, processed, and other operations can be performed to achieve the best recording effect. Implement emergency remote door lifting and lowering operations.

▲Local control cabinet

Implementation effect of the plan

The implementation effect of the plan is that the system has been put into use, achieving 24-hour online monitoring of the gate, and achieving local and remote dual loop control. Provided reliable technical support for online monitoring and control of customers' equipment. After the reconstruction of the remote control system of Wu'an Cheguku Reservoir, it will provide a strong guarantee for the safe operation of the hydropower station equipment!

▲Remote control interface in the central control room

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