Wtl-a100n torque limiter - LMIcrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System
Wtl-a100n torque limiter
Wtl-a100n torque limiter
Wtl-a100n torque limiter
When the crane is working, it is necessary to frequently change the working conditions according to the actual situation on the site, such as changing the lifting angle (amplitude), lifting arm length, etc., and in different working conditions, refer to
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Wtl-a100n torque limiter is a new generation of high-performance crane torque protection device designed and produced by Weite in accordance with relevant standards such as gb12602-2009 overload protection device for lifting appliances and gb6067.1-2010 safety code for lifting appliances. It is used for monitoring of sensors with no more than 4 analog signals (MV, Ma, 0 ~ 5V).

The instrument adopts the mechanical structure of one-piece back cover. The internal circuit integrates ARM microprocessor, high-precision AD conversion chip, EEPROM chip, "watchdog" and so on. It uses high-intensity digital tube to display the value and high-intensity led to display the load rate. It has strong environmental adaptability and high anti-interference ability. RS485 communication interface is also reserved for the instrument for function expansion and external data transmission.

Easy handling:

Overseas users have good feedback on self installation, self operation and commissioning, and self reset and relocation.

Stable reliability:

The design integrates many years of practical experience and the latest industry cutting-edge technology, and fully considers the redundancy and expansion tolerance of the application environment. Conventional strict multi-layer instrument testing, multi-layer quality control personnel testing and delivery.

Refined practicality:

With the conventional basic function of torque limiter, RS485 interface is reserved, and the instrument design is exquisite and practical.

Engineering case

Wtl-a100n torque limiter is mainly used for mobile cranes such as truck crane, crawler crane and truck mounted crane.