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Remote safety monitoring system for tower crane

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Tower crane is referred to as tower crane, also known as tower crane.. A rotary crane with a boom mounted on the upper part of the towering tower. Large working space, mainly used for vertical and horizontal transportation of materials and installation of building components in housing construction. It is composed of metal structure, working mechanism and electrical system. Metal structure includes tower body, boom and base. The working mechanism has four parts: lifting, luffing, slewing and traveling. Electrical system includes motor, controller, distribution cabinet, connecting line, signal and lighting device, etc.

The safety monitoring system is a multi-functional monitoring system with advanced electronic technology, sensor technology, industrial computer technology and lifting machinery control technology. The system can simultaneously monitor the lifting weight, torque, lifting height (lowering depth), rotation angle, wind speed and other signals, and establish communication with the equipment PLC through Ethernet communication. At the same time, a special video monitoring and video recording system for cranes is installed, which is an indispensable modern equipment for lifting equipment; Two specifications of civil 220VAC and electric control 24VDC power input are adopted, with strong adaptability on site.

The tower crane remote safety monitoring system is a new generation of high-performance tower crane safety monitoring device designed and produced according to the relevant requirements of GB / T 5031-2008 tower crane, GB 12602-2009 overload protection device for cranes, GB 5144-2006 safety regulations for tower cranes, GB 6067.1-2010 safety regulations for cranes and GB / t3811-2008 code for design of cranes.

matters needing attention
1. If you choose the above preparation scheme, please specify the limits and the type of preparation.
2. In order to accurately realize safety monitoring, relevant data of tower crane, such as load curve table, arm length, magnification, center distance and wire rope diameter, shall be provided to micro and special technicians.
3. Special requirements for output control shall be noted; If the number of sensors, power supply type, connecting cable length, etc. are inconsistent with the above configuration table, special instructions shall be given.

Implementation case:
(1) Shanghai Electric Power