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New anemometer "Xiaohei" appears at Xiamen International Container Terminal

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Wtf-b500 new anemometer "Xiaohei"
Recently, developed and produced by Weite Technology Co., LtdNew wtf-b500 anemometerIt has been successfully applied to Xiamen international container terminal. At present, the installation and commissioning have been completed, and the use effect is good, which has won the praise of customers.

Xiamen container group

Xiamen container terminal group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "container group") is a professional container terminal enterprise established by integrating the container terminal assets of several state-owned, overseas and listed companies with the strong promotion and support of the Municipal State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, port administration bureau and relevant departments, and by means of capital ties and adopting the mode of "newly established merger + simultaneous investment".

Xiamen container terminal group
Container group was officially registered and established in industry and Commerce on December 13, 2013. The joint venture shareholders include Xiamen international port, Xiamen International Trade Group, Xiamen Xiangyu Group with state-owned capital background, and Hong Kong new world port with overseas capital background. They are typical of mixed ownership in the port industry. The company finally formed an equity structure of Xiamen International Port holding 60%, new world port holding 20%, Xiamen International Trade Group holding 10%, and Xiamen Xiangyu Group holding 10%. The net assets exceeded 8 billion yuan and the total operating assets exceeded 12 billion yuan.

Container terminal operation
Rubber tyred gantry crane
The rubber tyred gantry crane is referred to as yard bridge or rubber tyred crane, and the English abbreviation is RTG, which is used for operation in the wharf yard. The shore bridge hoists the boxes from the ship and loads them onto the truck. Then the tire crane hoists the boxes from the truck and puts them into the storage yard. This equipment is one of the main equipment of the container terminal!

Project site rubber tyred gantry crane

New small black wind cup
This is the replacement of the tire type gantry crane of Xiamen container groupWfs-2 "little black" new wind cupIt adopts the classic three cup design and is composed of shaft shell, air cup and circuit module.
This product converts the flow rate of the wind into the rotation speed of the machine through the cooperation of the air cup and the imported bearing and its accessories, and then converts it into an electrical signal through the internal non-contact magnetic induction, so as to realize the electrical signal detection of the wind speed. The shell of this product is made of improved engineering plastics,Beautiful, heat-resistant, low-temperature resistant, waterproof and anticorrosive, excellent electrical performance and high accuracy。 Widely used in various fields!

Small black mounted on crane

Matched with the small black wind cup in the cab is:New wtf-b500 instrument; The instrument is novel and unique in design, with data storage function, and can save and download the alarm wind speed; The instrument is sturdy and durable, and the wind speed and wind level are clear at a glance. Moreover, it is easy to install. All electrical interfaces comply with national standards, and installation is free from debugging. It is suitable for working environment that is not used!

Cab instrument

The overload limiter on this equipment is also our Weite brand. This instrument was installed in 2013, and Weite has been escorting this equipment for nearly 10 years! Customers highly approve of our equipment! In the future, more small black groups will appear in Xiamen container! Escort more equipment!