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Technical platform

The micro special automatic investment has built an intelligent control instrument detection center and an intelligent lifting experimental platform,

Three professional technical platforms of provincial lifting safety intelligent control R & D Center

1、 Intelligent control instrument testing center

Weite intelligent control instrument testing center has more than 50 sets of professional testing and testing equipment, including force measuring machine, electronic universal testing machine, oscilloscope, linkage test bench, electrostatic discharge generator, server, etc. Among them, the high and low temperature alternating damp heat, high temperature aging, press and other equipment in the laboratory have passed the inspection and affirmation of the Technical Supervision Bureau. It is equipped with rare equipment in China, such as electrostatic discharge and lightning surge. Instruments and sensors will be tested here before delivery to ensure the quality of products.

The experiments and tests in the laboratory are carried out according to the national standards or even higher than the national standards in the industry, so as to ensure that the quality of products can meet the national standards and meet the use of users. At the same time, Jianghan University, as a technical cooperation unit, joined the expert technical committee of the testing center to provide technical support for the testing.

2、 Intelligent lifting experimental platform

In order to promote product development in remote monitoring and other fields, Weite purchased a crane specially used for experiments. R & D personnel install Weite products on the crane and collect relevant data to improve product design. At present, Weite has mastered the core invention patent of remote monitoring and is doing research, development and testing for the future intelligent lifting Internet of things products.

3、 Hubei Province school enterprise cooperation lifting safety intelligent control R & D Center

The R & D Center for intelligent control of hoisting safety is jointly built by Weite Technology Co., Ltd. and Jianghan University. Both parties share their own R & D centers and supporting test equipment. The electrical and electronic experimental center of Jianghan University has 22 laboratories, 2 test bases, and 2359 sets of experimental instruments and equipment. The R & D center currently has 19 R & D personnel, including 10 enterprise personnel and 9 university personnel. In the R & D team, there are 5 people with doctor's degree and 3 people with master's degree; There were 6 people with bachelor degree. There were 11 people with deputy senior or above technical titles and 4 people with intermediate or above technical titles.

Since the establishment of scientific research cooperation between the University and the enterprise in July 2010, by the end of December 2014, the two sides had jointly developed 6 scientific research projects and formed more than 10 new products.