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Wire rope online detection system
Wire rope online detection system
Wire rope online detection system
The core equipment of wrndt wire rope online detection system is a new generation of wire rope flaw detector with micro special technology. The flaw detector is a professional product based on the international standard magnetic memory flaw detection principle, with the magnetic sensor with independent intellectual property rights and independent commercial production as the core.
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In 2020, Weite Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weite Technology) was officially recognized as a national key small giant enterprise specializing in special technology. In 20 years, Weite technology has grown from a small and micro enterprise to the preferred brand of domestic large crane safety solutions. The four words "specialized, special and new" embody the unremitting efforts of Weite people in pursuit of industry specialization, quality excellence and innovation. Over the past 20 years, microtechnology has firmly established its faith, always focused on the research in the field of lifting equipment safety management, and constantly led the industry to develop in the direction of lifting equipment fault diagnosis, big data management, full life cycle monitoring services, and intelligent lifting ecosystem, making contributions to promoting the development of domestic lifting safety management.

For a long time, the use and management of wire rope has always been the difficulty of equipment management in enterprises. Accidents caused by wire rope fracture are common, and each accident is accompanied by serious consequences such as property loss and casualties. At present, visual inspection and caliper measurement are still commonly used wire rope detection methods, and there is a huge gap between the detection technology and the safety management needs of users. The wire rope non destructive testing (wrndt) system launched by microtechnology has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy, convenience and safety, which has better solved the current problems in wire rope testing.

Product introduction

Wrndt wire rope on-line detection system is a professional product based on the international standard ferromagnetic theory and principle, which uses electromagnetic detection technology to realize unattended real-time non-contact on-line monitoring. It can automatically collect damage information such as broken wire, fatigue, corrosion and wear of steel wire rope in real-time and high-speed, and analyze and process the collected big data through algorithms to form inspection reports such as damage degree of steel wire rope damage, accurate positioning of damage points and electromagnetic waveform curve, so as to realize quantification and visualization of steel wire rope defect detection. The wrndt system has smaller volume, lower power consumption and more convenient installation and use. It is not only used in cranes, but also has a broad market in elevator, cableway, bridge suspension and other fields.

The core equipment of wrndt wire rope online detection system is a new generation of wire rope flaw detector with micro special technology. The flaw detector is a professional product based on the international standard magnetic memory flaw detection principle, with the magnetic sensor with independent intellectual property rights and independent commercial production as the core. The sensitivity of Pt level is millions of times higher than that of MT level wire rope flaw detector on the market Φ 5~ Φ 50mm steel wire rope of various specifications can quickly detect a broken wire, and even the knock marks can be easily identified. It does not need to use the excitation device, thus avoiding the performance degradation caused by the adsorption of metal powder and debris during long-term use.

Technical overview

Magnetic memory flaw detection belongs to the field of non-destructive testing, which is X-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, eddy current γ Ray, penetration (fluorescence, coloring), magnetic memory, magnetic flux leakage and other physical detection methods are a kind of rapid nondestructive detection method that uses metal magnetic memory effect to detect stress concentration, crack, scratch and corrosion of metal material parts. The wrndt system can collect, record and store the local defects of the steel wire rope in real time at high speed and sensitively by using the magnetic memory nondestructive testing, and display the testing results in real time with a graphical interface.

Metal magnetic memory effect refers to that ferromagnetic metal materials will undergo magnetostrictive magnetic domain organization orientation and irreversible reorientation in the stress and deformation concentration area due to the combined action of load and geomagnetic field during processing and operation. This irreversible change of magnetic state will not only remain after the working load is eliminated, but also is related to the maximum applied stress. This kind of magnetic state on the surface of metal components remembers the location of micro defects or stress concentration, which is called magnetic memory effect. When the ferromagnetic component in the geomagnetic field environment is subjected to external load, the orientation and irreversible reorientation of the magnetic domain organization with magnetostrictive properties will occur in the stress concentration area, and the fixed nodes of the magnetic domain will appear in this area, generating magnetic poles and forming demagnetic fields, so as to minimize the permeability of the ferromagnetic metal in this area and form a leakage magnetic field on the metal surface. The tangential component HPX of the leakage magnetic field strength has a maximum value while the normal component HPY changes sign and has a zero value. This irreversible change in the magnetic state remains in memory after the working load is removed.

Wrndt system is a detection instrument based on the basic principle of metal magnetic memory effect. By recording the distribution of the magnetic field strength component perpendicular to the surface of the metal component along a certain direction, it can evaluate the stress concentration degree of the component and whether there are micro defects. It can diagnose the stress concentration area in the ferromagnetic metal component, i.e. micro defects, early failure and damage, and prevent sudden fatigue damage.


(1) structural innovation

Wrndt system follows the design concept of form following function in design, abandons all unnecessary modeling design, and achieves minimalist design as far as possible under the premise of ensuring perfect function, so as to facilitate installation and use; It is simple and elegant in shape and gives people the impression of safety and reliability, which conforms to the positioning of safety monitoring industrial products; The use of all aluminum alloy materials reduces the self weight of the product while effectively ensuring the function of the magnetic sensor, and forms its own shield while facilitating the installation. It greatly reduces the interference of external electromagnetic fields and ensures the accuracy and reliability of the detection results.

Due to the unique detection method and brand-new industrial design, wrndt system is more convenient and efficient than traditional detection methods:

● no special magnetization device is required;

● no surface cleaning is required;

● no coupling technology is required;

● the stress concentration position can be detected quickly and accurately;

● it can not only detect the defects, but also predict the defects that will occur in the future according to the change of internal stress.

(2) algorithm innovation

There are two main algorithms for on-line detection of wire rope: wavelet transform and parameter adaptive notch filter. Experiments show that although wavelet transform can suppress the stock wave signal to a certain extent, the effect is not obvious, and the parameter adaptive notch filter algorithm can suppress the stock wave signal and also make the defect signal distorted. The algorithm of wrndt system adopts a two-stage method of pre-processing and post-processing. In the preprocessing stage, the principle of multi-channel signal fusion is used to determine the rich information in all MFL signals. First, the multi-channel signals are equalized by the moving average method to make the signals at the same reference line; Then the equalized multi-channel signals are amplified to improve the resolution and better distinguish defects. In the post-processing stage, the baseline drift and wavelet de-noising are eliminated by line detection of the preprocessed data, and then the processed signal is operated to realize the detection decision.

Functional features

1. High work efficiency

The wrndt system can detect the internal and external state of the steel wire rope in real time, and the supporting equipment is smaller in size, lower in power consumption, and more convenient for installation and use. It is safer and more efficient than traditional manual visual inspection, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming and can not detect the internal defects of the wire rope.

2. High detection accuracy

The metal magnetic memory effect technology is used to collect the damage information such as broken wire, fatigue, corrosion and wear of the steel wire rope on-line, in real time and at high speed. The error of twist length and broken wire number can be less than 1 wire, and the accuracy of damage point location can be more than 95%.

3. Damage visualization

The steel wire rope detection software provides the interface of equipment overview, equipment detection, history query, detection report, calibration setting and system setting. It can display the state waveform of the steel wire rope in real time, quantitatively analyze the damage degree of the steel wire rope, accurately locate the damage position, display the alarm signal according to the different damage degree, and provide the function of detection report and query history record. The state of the steel wire rope is clear at a glance.

The wrndt system developed by Weite technology has applied for many patents. The characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy, convenience and safety of the product are applicable to ports, ships, roads and bridges, cableways, steel plants, hoisting, construction sites, petroleum and other industries. In the safety maintenance of the gantry crane in railway construction, the system timely finds the damage of the steel wire rope, ensures the safety production of the enterprise, and eliminates the hidden dangers of safety and property caused by the consumption of the steel wire rope.

With the application of this system in different industries, it will greatly improve the maintenance and management level of relevant enterprises, reduce unnecessary shutdown and economic losses, and ensure smooth, safe and efficient production.