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Solution for moment limiter of mast crane

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The mast crane has the characteristics of simple manufacture, convenient assembly and disassembly, large lifting capacity and small restrictions on the construction site. Especially when large components are hoisted without large lifting machinery, this kind of lifting equipment shows its advantages. However, this type of crane needs to be equipped with more cables and wind ropes, which makes it difficult to move. In addition, its lifting radius is small and its flexibility is poor. Therefore, mast cranes are generally used when the components are heavy, the hoisting works are concentrated, the construction site is narrow, and there is no other suitable large lifting machinery.

Micro to2002Since its establishment in, it has been focusing on the R & D and production of crane safety protection devices and automatic monitoring and control systems. It has deep research on various types of mast cranes at home and abroad. According to different mast cranes and different customers' construction needs, Weite has perfect solutions and rich practical experience.

At the same time, Weite is an industry standard《JT/T 1297-2019 Drafting unit of safety regulations for port mast crane.