Micro special moment limiter: once again helps the piling ship of CCCC third Harbor Bureau to reclaim the sea - Boom type lifting equipmentcrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System

Micro special moment limiter: once again helps the piling ship of CCCC third Harbor Bureau to reclaim the sea

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CCCC third Airlines (Shanghai) New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCCC third Airlines) was registered and established in the market supervision bureau of Pudong New Area on August 21, 1993. The company is mainly engaged in offshore wind power infrastructure construction, equipment installation and maintenance, submarine cable system engineering construction, maintenance, civil construction, port and waterway construction, etc.

CCCC third airlines & ldquo; Pile 19 & rdquo; Piling barge No
“ Pile 19 & rdquo; No. 1 has participated in the construction of many domestic offshore wind power projects, including the construction of Dafeng Lingang offshore wind power phase II project, the dredging project of CNOOC Binhai port LNG terminal and port basin, and the restoration project of Jiangkou tidal station of the director of CCCC third harbor.
CCCC third airlines & ldquo; Pile 19 & rdquo; After the reconstruction, the total tonnage of No. 1 is 1990t, the net tonnage is 897t, the boom is 75m long, the main hook is 180t, the auxiliary hook is 120t, and the hanging hammer is 130t.

Weite wtl-a700 torque limiter
As an expert in lifting safety protection, Weite has mastered the leading lifting safety products and technologies in the industry. After communicating with CCCC third airlines, Weite has determined a detailed cooperation plan, which is & ldquo; Pile 19 & rdquo; Pile driver No. 1 is equipped with wtl-a700 torque limiter, which is mainly used for lifting safety protection equipment with complex monitoring signals of offshore platforms.
Weite wtl-a700 torque limiter has the functions of real-time monitoring, dynamic display, sound and light alarm, data backup, power-off memory and password protection. The design of the instrument itself has the advantages of strong anti-interference, simple operation interface and strong versatility.

Weite wfs-2 series wind speed sensor
In order to adapt to the complex working environment on the sea and ensure the safe work of the piling barge, Weite also provides a & ldquo; Pile 19 & rdquo; Pile driver # 1 is equipped with wfs-2 series wind speed sensor, which can resist wind speed with wind level greater than level 14, to monitor the instantaneous wind speed and average wind speed on the sea.

Micro special after-sales engineers cooperate with on-site staff
After closely cooperating with the on-site engineers and overcoming the weather, environment and other factors, the micro special after-sales engineers completed the & ldquo; Pile 19 & rdquo; No. installation task! At present, the counterweight experiments such as light load and heavy load have been successfully completed, and soon after & ldquo; Pile 19 & rdquo; Will return to the sea and welcome a new journey.
Weite has always maintained good cooperation with CCCC Third Navigation Bureau. As early as 2019, Weite has participated in CCCC Third Navigation Bureau & ldquo; Three navigation piles 108 & rdquo; The whole pile driving boat was transformed. In 2020, it was the largest pile driving boat in the world; Three navigation piles 20 & rdquo; And CCCC third airlines & ldquo; Pile 17 & rdquo; It is equipped with torque limiter and several large cranes are equipped with safety monitoring system. As an escort in the field of lifting safety, Weite has won the trust of CCCC third Harbor Bureau by virtue of its rich experience accumulated in the industry for many years and handed over major engineering projects to Weite.

“ Three navigation piles 20 & rdquo; Delivery ceremony
As the leader of crane safety monitoring management system brand, Weite has been committed to providing customers with valuable products and services. We hope that through our products, the crane safety accident rate can be reduced to the lowest, and more reliable safety management solutions can be provided for customers.