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The dynamic weighing system was successfully accepted by Xiamen Bay Port Project of Zhangzhou China Merchants Bureau

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Recently, Micro Technology Co., Ltd. manufactured and installed in Zhangzhou China Merchants Xiamen Bay Port Co., Ltd. dynamic weighing system successfully passed the acceptance of the local quality inspection department.

The customer profile

China merchants zhangzhou, xiamen bay harbor co., LTD. Was established in December 2005 09, business address located in fujian zhangzhou zhangzhou development zone hing Hong Kong road no. 179, is located in zhangzhou economic and technological development zone the fourth district, and xiamen across the Taiwan strait in the east, north and China merchants zhangzhou are two areas in the west.wuxi, quayline resource with good and superior port geography advantage; The industry is the water transport industry, the business scope includes: port container, general cargo, bulk cargo, oil, chemicals and other goods of the port loading and unloading, storage and other services and related business, to meet the needs of port industry and Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and other enterprises.

Micro and special dynamic weighing system

Door crane equipped with WTL-A700 weighing system

Micro WTL-A700 dynamic weighing system Solves the contradiction between the measurement and weighing accuracy of the crane dynamic load,Realize dynamic and high-precision load calculation and statistics,With the function of torque overload limitation and operation weight statistics, it provides important data support for safe and efficient production.

Micro and special dynamic weighing system calculates and processes the lifting load amount through the weight sensor and motor energy consumption data, and realizes the dynamic load measurement of portal crane under continuous working environment.The measurement data error is within 2%,The system is stable and does not require frequent maintenance calibration. Realization: parameter setting, automatic peeling, anti-cheating, system rights protection, intelligent calibration, data storage, torque protection function, power metering, output expansion and other functions.

In the early stage of the project, the micro special business and professional technical personnel arrived at the site and investigated the equipment with the site management personnel, discussed the best installation position and installation method of various sensors, and made a comprehensive understanding of the equipment conditions and other performance parameters, and finally developed a perfect and feasible construction plan through analysis and research. Customers through multiple comparison, comprehensive investigation, as well as micro - special continuous follow-up and research on the whole project. After fierce competition, micro and special dynamic weighing system products were finally selected.

Project product site installation effect real photo

Micro and special dynamic weighing system data Successfully access the port platform server, and provide operation data to the port production system and job ticket system. At the same time, the dynamic weighing system has been successfully incorporated into the crane management system platform of the port equipment management department. Provide corresponding data for the safety risk management, real-time alarm, maintenance of key components (wire rope, contactors) and life supervision of the equipment.form a closed loop in the crane management system.

In the future, WeTE will always focus on the research in the field of lifting equipment safety management, and lead the industry to develop towards the direction of crane big data management, whole-life process monitoring service and intelligent hoisting ecosystem. To be the world leader in lifting safety management.

Popular Science Tips

What is weighing in motion? What is the difference between overload limiter and moment limiter?

In the process of crane work to monitor the dynamic load and do relevant statistics called dynamic weighing.

Conventional weighing is static weighing, such as the truck to drag the goods to the weighometer for weighing. The dynamic weighing is to measure the weight of the cargo in the normal process of lifting the cargo by the crane, which eliminates the step of dragging the cargo to weigh, saves time and improves the production efficiency.

The conventional overload limiter and torque limit installed on the lifting equipment are the safety protection products of the crane. In the national standard, the precision requirement of the lifting weight is ±5%. On the basis of safety protection, dynamic weighing increases the accuracy of weight detection from ±5% to ±2%, and adds statistics and management functions, so as to meet the conventional operation weighing requirements of ports, bulk cargo terminals and other scenes.

Dynamic weighing has the function of overload limiter and moment limiter, but not vice versa. The main difference is the accuracy of weight detection. Dynamic weighing can not only guarantee the lifting safety, but also manage the production, give play to the energy efficiency of the crane to a greater extent, and improve the production efficiency!