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Witness the closing of steel arch of Wuhan Hanjiang seventh Bridge

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There is an important label in 2020, that is, Wuhan. After the epidemic and flood season, the city did not stop, but accelerated its pace. In this year, Weite was honored to accompany the running and witness the progress of a series of major projects in Wuhan, including the steel arch closure of the seventh bridge on the Hanjiang River.

Let's approach the Wuhan Jianghan seventh bridge under construction from the perspective of micro and special engineers. Jianghan seven bridge is located between Zhiyin bridge and Gutian bridge. The bridge site is 1.2 kilometers away from Zhiyin bridge and 2.6 kilometers away from Gutian bridge. The total length of the project is 2754 meters, of which the main bridge across the river is 672 meters long and the bridge deck is 52.5 meters wide. It is constructed according to the two-way six lane standard of urban secondary trunk road. The main bridge is reserved to be widened to two-way eight Lane conditions in the long term, and there are sidewalks and non motorized lanes on both sides. It is the first steel truss arch bridge in Wuhan. After completion, it will be the widest and longest span bridge on the Han River.

When I arrived at the scene, I saw the main arch on the South and North banks of the bridge at a height of 100 meters. The meeting was just around the corner, waiting to be closed.
Wuhan! After experiencing the epidemic and flood season, relevant construction projects were rapidly resumed and promoted. In order to ensure the construction period, as soon as the time of on-site installation and construction is determined, Weite will respond within 24 hours. After receiving the instruction, the engineer will go directly to Wuhan from the previous construction site.
The lights are still bright at night
The machines on the construction site are roaring. The steel beams of the upper structure of Jianghan seventh bridge are being installed, some are welding, and some are lifting the rods. The procedures are orderly interspersed. This time, Weite will mainly install a safety monitoring and management system for the girder erection crane, and complete the design, on-site installation, commissioning and subsequent service of the safety monitoring and management system for the girder erection crane.
Weite engineer introduces the girder erection crane to the user on site and monitors the installation progress
The added monitoring and management system can independently record and view various parameters in real time. It has a common communication interface, which can view historical operation records in real time and analyze and judge the correctness of operation in the background. Early warning, alarm and control of conventional faults, and save fault information to improve the safety and reliability of equipment operation. The system will manage the historical operation records of the equipment. Use remote module to realize remote repair of equipment. The safety monitoring system also includes video monitoring, which can visually monitor the lifting point area, walking area and key monitoring institutions of the equipment. When the operation area is blocked and foreign matters occur, the system can give an alarm in time, and the video data can be saved and exported to facilitate accident tracing. A monitoring camera is set in the cab, which can record and replay the sound and video in the cab. Good anti-interference. The customized monitoring and management system fully meets the relevant requirements of the national standard safety monitoring and management system for cranes (gbt28264-2017).
On November 26, 2020, the main arch of Jianghan seventh bridge was closed and the two sides of Hanjiang River were successfully "hand in hand"
On November 26, 2020, Weite engineers had the honor to witness the closing of the steel arch together. It is reported that the main structure of the bridge girder will be connected before the Spring Festival of 2021. After the completion of the bridge construction, there will be professional lighting landscape, and the night lighting landscape will be a beautiful landscape.