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Torque limiter for crane / marine crane

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Crane is a foreign word. It is also called ship crane and ship crane. It is a large deck machinery on the ship. It is a kind of equipment for loading and unloading goods on the ship. Hydraulic crane is a kind of loading and unloading equipment commonly used on the ship.

This crane has a compact structure, so that the ship has more deck area to use, and has less impact on the sight line of the bridge. The deck crane is easy to operate, with high loading and unloading efficiency and flexible mobility.

There are more than 1000 hydraulic cranes of various types used on the ships of major shipping enterprises in China, and more than 500 hydraulic cranes of various types on the ships of COSCO (Group) Corporation. Hydraulic crane is a kind of ship lifting equipment with high technical content, which integrates electricity, hydraulic and machinery. The moment safety protection of marine crane is very important.

According to the boom form, it is divided into three types: straight boom, telescopic boom and folding boom. According to the power source, it is divided into three types: manual, electric and hydraulic.

Due to the simple structure of the marine crane, the selection and application of the force sensor in the torque limiter system of the safety protection device is very difficult, and the problems exposed are various?
1. Difficult selection of load cell
2. Difficulties in signal transmission
3. Complex system structure and high cost

Crane / ship crane lifting safety solution

Since its establishment in 2002, Weite has been focusing on the R & D and production of crane safety protection devices and automatic monitoring and control systems. For various types ofcrane Both have profound research and different evidencescrane As well as the construction needs of different customers, Weite has perfect solutions and rich practical experience.

Typical crane torque limiter scheme

Recommended instrument: wtl-a (200) torque limiter
When the crane is working, it is necessary to frequently change the working conditions according to the actual situation on the site, such as changing the lifting angle (amplitude) and the length of the lifting arm. However, the maximum rated lifting weight and the maximum and minimum operating amplitude that can be lifted under different working conditions are different. Therefore, a set of devices is required to comprehensively monitor and judge the above parameters, and make a judgment on the normal operation, full load, overload, and amplitude exceeding the upper limit of the crane Indication of working conditions such as amplitude exceeding the lower limit, and corresponding alarm, prompt and control to ensure normal operation of hoisting machinery.
Wtl-a200 torque limiter is a safety protection device applied to lifting machinery according to the above requirements. The gbl2602-2009 safety technical specification for overload protection device of crane appliances officially issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision puts forward clear requirements for the equipment and technical performance of the crane torque limiter.

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