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Equipped with heavy power equipment to help the world's largest span cable-stayed bridge construction

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Changtai Yangtze River Bridge is located between Taizhou Bridge and Jiangyin Yangtze River Highway Bridge. It is the world's largest cable-stayed bridge with both highway and rail spans under construction. Is a set of highways, intercity railway, highway "trinity" of the river passage. The total length of the bridge is 10.03 kilometers. The main channel bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 1,176 meters. The Tianxing Zhou special channel bridge and Lu Anzhou special channel Bridge both use steel truss and beam arch Bridges with a main span of 388 meters, which has set a new world record for similar Bridges.

The world's first super large tower crane of over 10,000 tons of meters appeared in the Changtai Yangtze River Bridge construction, mainly used for the construction of the main tower column and the tower. The rated lifting moment of the tower is up to 12,000 tons meters and the maximum arm length is 75 meters. With a maximum lifting weight of 450 tons and a maximum lifting height of 400 meters, it can lift 300 cars to the height of a 130-story building at a time. The equipment uses wire rope diameter 55MM, single rope length 1700M. The intelligent detection system of steel wire rope independently developed by Weite Company is installed on the super large tower crane of over 10,000 tons of meters, which can ensure the safety and health of steel wire rope of the super large tower crane, assemble the big heavy equipment, and help the construction of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge safely.

This sensor is mainly used to quantitatively detect and discriminate the hidden dangers and damage grades that endanger the use safety of steel wire ropes, such as broken wire inside and outside, local fatigue, wear and rust and structural deformation. It realizes the non-contact wide distance detection of steel wire ropes, and is not affected by oil scale, general wire warping and running speed of steel wire ropes, and has strong detection ability.

The on-line monitoring system of wire rope of micro and special lifting equipment can be realized in practical

 application scenarios:

1. Accurately measure the metal cross section wear of wire rope.

2. It can not only detect the broken wire outside the wire rope, but also detect the broken wire inside the wire rope.

3. Through the comparison of multiple ropes under the same working condition and multiple comparisons of the same rope, the deterioration speed and law of the steel wire rope can be intuitively grasped.

4. Accurate assessment of the remaining life of wire rope, scientific rope.

5. Prevent rope breaking accident of steel wire rope to ensure safe production.