The renovation project of the gate control system of Panjiakou Pumped Storage Power Station was praised by users - Gantry cranecrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System

The renovation project of the gate control system of Panjiakou Pumped Storage Power Station was praised by users

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The Panjiakou Pumped Storage Power Station is under the jurisdiction of State Grid Xinyuan Holdings Co., Ltd., the world's largest specialized construction and operation company for pumped storage. The upgrade and transformation project of the 20 hole hoist control system for the lower pool of the power station has been successfully completed and highly praised by customers, once again demonstrating the deep strength and professional technical service capabilities of Weite Technology Company in the field of hydropower.

▲Panjiakou Pumped Storage Power Station Lower Pool 20 Hole Gate

The Panjiakou Pumped Storage Power Station is located in the middle reaches of the Luanhe River mainstream in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The power station can store 2.93 billion cubic meters of water, with a power generation capacity of 450000 kilowatts. It plays an important role in regulating water supply to Tianjin and Tangshan, solving industrial, agricultural, and urban water needs in both areas, reducing water supply pressure in Miyun Reservoir, and controlling flood disasters to ensure the safety of the Luanhe River Bridge on the downstream Jingshan Railway.

Site installation

This renovation project has received high recognition from customers and is inseparable from the hard work and professional service of on-site engineers from Weite Technology Company. During the renovation process, engineers overcame various difficulties and worked overtime to ensure that the renovation project did not affect the production and flood control scheduling of the power station. In the cold winter weather, engineers are not afraid of the severe cold and stick to the work site. They communicate fully with relevant departments and study technology to solve technical problems encountered on site. This spirit of dedication, perseverance, and perseverance is a manifestation of Weite Technology Company's pursuit of excellence in after-sales service work.

Weite Technology Company focuses on the research of water conservancy facility gate control system, safety technical specifications for overload protection devices of lifting machinery, and construction of water conservancy facility informatization systems. It is precisely with the long-term deep cultivation of technical reserves that accurate and effective technical support is provided for the Panjiakou project. The implementation of the project not only benefits the high-quality management and development of Panjiakou Pumped Storage Power Station, but also lays a solid foundation for long-term cooperation in the future.

The client highly appreciated the professional technical capabilities and dedication demonstrated by Weite Technology Company in engineering, and specifically wrote a letter of praise for the engineers. This is an affirmation of the service philosophy that Micro Tech has always adhered to, and also the best reward for the hard work of engineers.

In the success of this renovation project, the professional technology and dedication of Weite Technology Company have been fully demonstrated. This not only reflects the professional strength of Weite Technology Company, but also demonstrates its responsibility for society and customers. We believe that in the future development, Weite Technology Company will continue to leverage its professional advantages and contribute more to the development of society and the success of customers.