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Weite wgj-1 anti roll switch assists 1200t offshore crane ship

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Crane ship is a common lifting equipment for offshore wind power operation. Due to the complex offshore operation environment, the safety of lifting operation is particularly important. This time, we specially equipped the 1200t large-scale crane ship of a CCCC bureau with wgj-1 anti roll switch, which is in line with the notice on the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of cranes issued by the State Administration of market supervision and administration.

△ 1200t crane ship
Due to the tight shipping schedule of the customer, the installation has just returned from the operation in the South China Sea, and there is only a few days' gap. Through communication and coordination, the technical engineers of Weite successfully completed the high-altitude installation task with the full cooperation of customers.

△ project high altitude installation site
The anti roll switch is specially designed for lifting equipment and can be widely used in various truck cranes, all terrain truck cranes, tire cranes, crawler cranes, port cranes and other lifting equipment.
WGJ type anti overwinding switch (hook head limit switch / heavy hammer limit switch) is an electrical automatic protection switch used for anti overwinding limit of steel wire rope of hoisting machinery. It is matched with a weight hammer of appropriate weight. When the weight hammer is lifted or lowered by the up and down movement of the hook, the switch is disconnected or turned on, so as to automatically cut off the power supply of the winch and connect the brake system, so as to limit the overwinding of the wire rope and achieve the lifting and lowering of the hook within a certain height.

△ wgj-1 anti roll switch
The working environment of the engineering crane is relatively bad, and the switch is exposed to the outside for a long time. Therefore, the shell of the switch is often damaged when it is used on the crane, and poor waterproof will lead to oxidation and poor contact of the switch contact, which will bring certain safety hazards to the crane.

△ some testing equipment of self built Laboratory
In order to test the performance of products, Weite has always attached importance to the investment of various experimental equipment. The self built laboratory has high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test box, deep water pressure tester and other testing equipment for performance testing and improvement in the product design process, which can simulate most harsh environments to test the design of new products.

△ test report of wgj-1 type anti roll switch
However, more and more severe industrial environments need more professional environments for simulation. In line with the high requirements for product quality, Weite sent the wgj-1 anti roll switch, which has undergone internal test improvement, to ICAS for professional IP protection level test.
The product was tested in strict accordance with the national standard GB / T 4208-2017. After 8 hours of floating dust test and 3 minutes of high-pressure water gun spray test, the product was free of dust and water, and reached the protection grade standard of IP66. Among them, the dust-proof grade 6 reached the highest standard of the national standard, and the waterproof grade 6 also reached the military industry standard.
In the future, Weite will always be specialized in the field of crane safety and provide more valuable products and services for users through more innovative research and development.