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Safety monitoring and management system of bridge erecting machine

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The bridge erecting machine is the equipment that places the prefabricated beams on the prefabricated piers. The bridge erecting machine belongs to the category of crane, because its main function is to lift the beam, then transport it to the position and then put it down. But it is very different from the general crane. The required conditions are harsh, and there is running on the beam, or longitudinal movement. The bridge erecting machine is divided into several types, such as highway bridge, conventional railway bridge and passenger dedicated railway bridge.

The national standard of safety monitoring and management system for hoisting machinery (GB / T 28264-2017) stipulates the composition, monitoring, performance requirements, test methods and system inspection of the safety monitoring and management system for hoisting machinery. This standard is applicable to bridge cranes, gantry cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, portal cranes, cable cranes, mast cranes, bridge erecting machines and ship lifts specified in GB / T 20776. Other types of cranes can be used by reference.

Applicable specifications

Gb12602-1990 safety technical code for overload protection device of hoisting machinery
Gb6067.1 safety regulations for lifting machinery
GB / T 28264-2017 safety monitoring and management system for hoisting machinery
GB / T 20776 classification of hoisting machinery

Current situation
Most of the equipment delivered from the early stage of the highway bridge erecting machine used traditional logic circuits instead of PLC control circuits.
Single and double guide beam highway bridge erecting machines are simple in structure, without special operation room, and only simple operation panel and electric cabinet are provided. The protective devices of many existing bridge erecting machines are damaged and the protective circuits are not perfect.
The installation of a complete set of safety monitoring and protection devices is a necessary condition to ensure the safe operation of the bridge erecting machine.


The safety monitoring and management system of bridge erecting machine is developed according to the latest national standard of crane safety monitoring and management system, which focuses on the transformation of various railway laying and erecting equipment in service and the mandatory implementation of new standards. At the same time, it can also be used for various lifting and construction machinery and equipment in other fields. Carry out all-round safety real-time monitoring for the equipment Avoid safety accidents caused by operator's negligence or misjudgment, and effectively ensure the safe use of equipment.
The device is a high-tech intelligent product with integrated application of information sensing technology, embedded technology and remote communication technology. It can be widely used in various fields of load and lifting machinery to realize safety protection and monitoring of equipment working conditions. The device is composed of a sensor detection system, an image terminal, a video monitoring system and a remote monitoring system (optional); Two specifications of civil 220VAC and electrical 24VDC power input are adopted, with strong adaptability on site.

Application diagram of safety monitoring system of bridge erecting machine

Platform features:

1. It meets the requirements of national standards for safety monitoring of bridge erecting machine, and can independently record and view various parameters in real time.
2. It has common communication interface, passive switching signal interface, 4-20mA analog signal interface, pulse signal interface, and independent and expandable I / O function. The data of the whole machine is communicated by MODBUS or PROFIBUS.
3. Historical operation records can be viewed in real time, and the correctness of operation can be analyzed and judged in the background. Various operation information of the equipment can be uploaded and recorded in the server.
4. The real-time GPS position of the device can be viewed remotely.
5. Early warning, alarm and control of conventional faults, and save fault information to improve the safety and reliability of equipment operation.
6. Manage historical operation records of equipment. Use remote module to realize remote repair of equipment.
7. It provides communication interface with PLC, which can read all kinds of real-time data and display in real time.

Implementation case

Hubei Road and Bridge

Wuhan Tonglian