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9 gantry crane torque limiters of Zhoushan Pacific shipyard successfully accepted

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Recently, the wtl-a700 gantry crane torque limiter assembled by Weite Technology Co., Ltd. for Zhoushan Pacific shipyard has been successfully accepted and put into use after a series of complicated and orderly debugging.

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Zhoushan Pacific shipyard

Pacific Ocean Engineering (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd. was established in October 2006. The shipyard is located in Changbai Island, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China, with a total investment of about US $250 million. The shipyard design can be used to repair, build and refit various special offshore engineering drilling platforms and ships. The shipyard has two large docks: the central dock and the west harbor pool. With these two large docks, the shipyard can accept ships of different sizes and types. The construction and assembly area covers a total area of 89000 square meters, and is equipped with heavy gantry cranes and gantry cranes to provide a wider range of manufacturing services.

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System main interface

Weite wtl-a700 torque limiter improves lifting efficiency with simple and convenient operation, visual supervision, abnormal warning and alarm functions, and ensures the safety and reliability of lifting equipment. At the same time, wtl-a700 torque limiter can also be customized according to different lifting equipment models and working environments to meet different user needs.

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Anemometer installation

Three advantages of wtl-a700 torque limiter:

Super applicability: the type test qualification reaches 24200t · m, and the control output can be expanded to 24 channels at most, supporting the expansion and customization of various special functional requirements. Meet the multi hook torque safety protection and additional management functions of various large floating cranes, crawler cranes, gantry cranes and other lifting equipment.

Stability and reliability: the offshore platform crane is a common product, which can adapt to various harsh environments. Conventional strict multi-layer instrument testing, multi-layer quality control personnel testing and delivery. Domestic and foreign large-scale users own inventory standing products.

Forward looking design: dynamic simulation shows the working state of the equipment, which is real and intuitive; External PLC, intelligent instrument, board card, module, frequency converter and other industrial automation equipment can be connected, which is convenient for expansion; It supports data backup and multi-level password protection, black box fault recording, SD card data export, etc.

As the leader of crane safety monitoring management system brand, Weite has been committed to providing customers with valuable products and services. We hope to reduce the crane safety accident rate through our products and provide customers with more reliable safety management solutions.

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