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WEITE's AI intelligent recognition system assists in the safe operation of bridge cranes

Time:2024-03-30 10:17 Read:1514 Source:Internet

Recently, Weite's AI intelligent recognition system has been successfully applied to a single beam crane in a compressor production plant. 

As a supporting factory of Gree Group, this enterprise has a large production scale and a large number of staff in the factory area. During the process of ground crossing operations, it is inevitable to neglect the prevention of overhead lifting equipment. Therefore, the safety issues of driving operations should not be underestimated.

At this point, it's the turn of the AI video recognition device to come on stage. If you think it's just adding a camera to the car, then the layout is too small!

The Weite AI intelligent recognition system takes visual intelligence technology as the entry point, independently develops visual AI algorithms, detects test events at all times, analyzes and mines front-end video image data, provides personnel, environment, security and other safety risk point identification and alarm reminder services, actively identifies unsafe factors, AI intelligent duty, saves labor costs, and meets the personnel and property safety management needs of different construction site application scenarios.

When someone passes through the monitoring dangerous area, the AI intelligent recognition system accurately identifies and issues sound and light warning signals, and promptly stops the operation of the vehicle.

Once the system installation and debugging were completed and used, it immediately received strong recognition from customers, praising Weite as indeed a protection expert in the field of lifting safety.

Only customer recognition can drive us to keep moving forward. Weite has always been committed to providing customers with valuable products and services. We hope to reduce the probability of crane safety accidents through our products and provide customers with more reliable safety management solutions.