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Weite Assists Weihai Port in "Smart" Upgrade to Realize Dynamic Weighing Management

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-Excerpted from a report on Weihai Port-

The upgraded electronic weighing system for the gantry crane (micro dynamic weighing system) Not only does it refine the monitoring during the gantry crane operation to every grabbing of the grab bucket, but it also automatically records the weight of the goods through an intelligent system, generates corresponding data reports and analysis results. Through detailed and accurate real-time monitoring data support, not only can customers have a comprehensive grasp of cargo status, operating efficiency, etc., but also automatic accounting statistics can effectively avoid manual accounting errors, so that customers can truly achieve peace of mind at home... "This is the report of Shandong Port (SPG) Weihai Port official account on the upgraded dynamic weighing system of the port portal machine.

The article also mentioned that by refining the weighing monitoring to each grab, the gantry crane driver can change the grab weight by adjusting the opening and closing size of the grab bucket, always maintaining the most reasonable operational energy consumption; At the same time, by comparing the weighing data of the grab bucket and the weighing data of the transport vehicle, the current remaining cargo of the ship and the weight of the stacked cargo at the dock can be accurately calculated, which facilitates the reasonable allocation of labor and equipment in real-time and provides the best planning scheme for efficient operation at the dock.

▲The dynamic weighing instrument installed in the driver's cab of the Weihai Port gantry crane

The reputation of users is not as good as that of gold and silver cups

There is a saying that goes: a golden cup and a silver cup are not as good as the reputation of the people; a gold or silver award is not as good as the praise of the people. Weite firmly believes that no honor is worth the recognition and word-of-mouth of its users. In the past 20 years, Weite has grown from a weak new life to a national specialized and innovative key "little giant" enterprise, relying on good service and good reputation.

For over 20 years, Weite has won long-term cooperation with hundreds of large domestic enterprise groups through reliable quality and good reputation. Each business unit has been deeply involved in different industries and has become a partner of enterprises such as CNOOC, Changjiang Electric Power, China Railway Group, China Communications Group, Baowu Group, and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. The International Business Unit has set up local service teams in countries such as Singapore and Indonesia, exporting products to over 70 countries worldwide.

The dynamic weighing management system for port crane developed and produced by Weite

The Weite weighing system breaks the current situation of port data silos and integrates various business system data such as discrete real-time monitoring systems and facility management systems in a unified manner; The platform supports three-dimensional supervision of port personnel and goods from multiple dimensions such as objects, events, and performance, helping users achieve intelligent upgrades.

System features:

1. Accurate weighing during the lifting process effectively prevents human cheating, ensures accurate and complete data, and safeguards the interests of the enterprise and employees.

2. Real time display of weighing data and recording, statistics, and the ability to develop analysis reports according to user needs.

3. The system can be connected with the port management center to provide real-time data for arranging production plans.

4. Real time dynamic weighing information can be viewed on mobile devices, and visual monitoring of all assignments throughout the entire time period can be achieved.

5. The stability and reliability of system information exchange, with security and confidentiality functions, protect user privacy.

6. The system has good scalability and compatibility, and can be customized and developed according to requirements. Strong scalability, convenient for enterprises to develop the system for the second time.

7. Comprehensive after-sales service to provide long-term services for enterprises.