The intelligent management solution of micro crane was successfully completed and accepted in Guangqing Technology project - Gantry cranecrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System

The intelligent management solution of micro crane was successfully completed and accepted in Guangqing Technology project

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Recently, Guangqing technology 120T metallurgical foundry crane equipment intelligent management system has been successfully put into production, marking the official completion and acceptance of the metallurgical crane equipment intelligent management system of Guangqing technology steelmaking plant.

Guangdong wide green metal technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as wide green science and technology) is by the national 500 strong state-owned enterprise guangdong new holding group and the world top 500 private enterprises of castle peak holdings group jointly established large-scale stainless steel production enterprises, the company is located in yangjiang in guangdong province high and new technology industry development zone port industrial park, with a total investment of about 5.5 billion yuan, With an annual output value of more than 20 billion yuan and more than 4,300 employees, it ranks 102nd among the top 500 enterprises in Guangdong Province and 35th among the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in 2021, and is selected as one of the Top 100 innovative enterprises in Guangdong Province. It has been awarded many honorary titles such as Guangdong large Backbone enterprise, high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Civilized unit, National Model Worker's home, National First Batch Green Factory, National May Day Labor Certificate and so on.

Wide green technology is a successful adoption "RKEF - AOD dual method" (rotary kiln -) -arc furnace smelting process of stainless steel enterprises, in the "green, innovation, safety, and win-win" business philosophy, wide green led by innovation of science and technology, in technology, science and technology research and development, product category constantly, and realize the leapfrog development, become the major force of economic development of yangjiang.

Independent research and development since 2018, micro &special crane equipment intelligent management system, with digital solutions, the steel industry through data collection, analysis and management, and help promote the efficiency of iron and steel enterprises and improve safety in production, improve the working environment, and the iron and steel enterprises in the steel industry digital and intelligent transformation.

Intelligent management is becoming an information based society impetus industrialization, achieve intelligent process of enterprise, it is the integration of modern information technology and advanced management concept, the transformation of the mode of enterprise production and management mode, business process, the traditional management mode and organization mode, to integrate the internal and external resources, improve business process efficiency and benefit, enhancing enterprise competitiveness.

Intelligent management of equipment is an information intelligent management process that tracks the whole life cycle of equipment from factory, online, use, maintenance and offline. Equipment management can provide effective and objective guidance data and suggestions to departments such as capacity quota, production scheduling, procurement, spot inspection and maintenance.

WTCIMS-V2.0 lifting equipment intelligent management system is a comprehensive equipment management software and platform developed by WTCIMS-V2.0.

The system is designed for the crane operation of the basic information of equipment, equipment operation management, daily status monitoring and other functional modules, to solve the crane real-time status monitoring, spot inspection maintenance, hidden danger trend investigation and other closed-loop management process. Give reasonable suggestions and optimize management.

Micro special engineer field work environment and equipment status

 System host interface

Fixed camera video screen

Gantry hook automatic tracking screen

Metallurgical driving outdoor loudspeaker photo

Micro special engineer field research photos

System function description:

1. The installation position of each sensor is reasonable, the line protection meets the specification, the data collection is comprehensive and accurate, and the system runs smoothly. The historical data storage of the security monitoring system is comprehensive and accurate, the alarm data is perfect and comprehensive, and the data security is guaranteed. The black box function can play back and trace historical data, and the design function meets the requirements of GB/T28264-2017 Hoisting Machinery Safety Monitoring and Management System.

2, the safety alarm function is normal, the voice broadcast is clear, the loudspeaker voice is clear and bright. This function improves the operator's pre-perception of the safety of the running environment, and improves the active safety prevention of accidents in the running area of the crane.

3. The monitoring points of the video system are arranged according to the standard, the screen of the monitoring points is clear, the nickel-iron pit image is switched and displayed, and the tracking and monitoring function of the board hook is normal. Video surveillance system, compared with the original installed camera performance is more stable, the effect is clearer, the visual range is wider, the monitoring is more comprehensive, the safety of visual prevention has been better improved.

At present, the project has passed the user acceptance and put into use. Due to the rich performance and experience in the design and installation of metallurgical casting crane system in high temperature environment, the safety production efficiency of the plant has been greatly improved and the safe production has been provided with strong guarantee. At the same time, the user said that the later period will continue to strengthen the cooperation with micro special. Wete will, as always, strictly control the quality of products and services, all user-centered, to provide more reliable products close to customer needs and improve timely technical services.