Liuzhou Cargo Center gantry crane safety inspection solution smoothly implemented - Gantry cranecrane computer, safe load indicator,Marine CCTV Camera System

Liuzhou Cargo Center gantry crane safety inspection solution smoothly implemented

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Recently, the WTSM-A gantry crane safety monitoring system developed by Weispecial has been installed and tested in Liuzhou freight center, and the use effect is good, winning the praise of customers. Nanning Railway Bureau Liuzhou freight center mainly engaged in passenger, freight transport and transport agents; Loading and unloading, storage; Railway passenger and freight transport extended services.

Micro, the project for nanning, liuzhou freight center is equipped with micro WTSM - type A security monitoring system, micro &special WTSM - type A security monitoring system has A data monitoring, dynamic display, sound and light alarm, data storage, power memory and password protection, and other functions, design and the instrument itself has A high precision, strong anti-interference, strong commonality, etc.

On-site installation

Debugging instrument

Real-time display of lifting weight, hook height, hook lifting and falling speed, and operation instructions when the door crane is running; Display the current empty and heavy box state when lifting heavy work; Show whether the work object is a train; Display the train unloading state, and show whether the point operation is completed; The loading status is displayed, and the empty weight conversion operation is displayed.

The main display interface of the remote management platform is synchronized with the content of the on-site monitoring instrument, so that the display is intuitive, the layout is reasonable and the interface is beautiful. At the same time, the mobile APP is online, and the running status of the device can be viewed at any time on the mobile terminal. Micro Special safety monitoring system with excellent professional technology and the pursuit of excellence in quality, to provide a powerful lifting safety guarantee for engineering construction, to become the thrust of human progress.