Micro special stress monitoring system helps construction safety of China Railway Bridge

Time:2022-07-01 10:22 Read:10985 Source:Internet

Recently, the wtsm-a stress monitoring system developed by micro and special production has been installed and debugged in the south middle high speed project of China Railway Bridge Bureau, with good use effect and won praise from customers.

Construction site

China Railway Bridge Bureau No. 9 Engineering Co., Ltd. is a core subsidiary of China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Co., Ltd. with general construction contracting and multiple professional contracting qualifications. Its business mainly includes the construction of municipal, highway, railway, urban rail transit, railway laying, underground pipe gallery and other projects.

Weite is equipped with the Weite wtsm-a stress monitoring system for the south middle high speed project of China Railway Bridge this time. The Weite wtsm-a stress monitoring system has the functions of data monitoring, dynamic display, sound and light alarm, data storage, power-off memory and password protection. The design of the instrument itself has the advantages of high accuracy, strong anti-interference and strong versatility.

Installation of stress sensor

Instrument commissioning

This system can display the force borne by each beam and the travel data of the trolley in real time, which can meet the requirements of on-site construction and is easy to debug. The data storage function can save and download the historical record status of the bridge erecting machine, and can view the historical status of the bridge erecting machine at any time, making the use and management of the bridge erecting machine more convenient.

Picture stress lower computer distance sensor

The micro special stress monitoring system will assist the intelligent equipment operation team to complete the construction with millimeter level accuracy in the construction of China Railway Bridge project, make the operation of the bridge erecting machine safer and the management easier, provide strong professional support for the project construction with excellent professional technology and quality pursuit of excellence, and become a driving force for the equipment personnel to advance.