Weite cooperated with Kony crane to help nuclear power safety production

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Recently, the safety monitoring management system installed on a nuclear power special equipment by Weite Technology Co., Ltd. and Kony crane has been strictly and orderly installed and commissioned by the engineers of both parties. At present, the project has successfully passed the acceptance of nuclear power users and the safety monitoring management system has been put into normal operation.
Kony crane equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise belonging to Kony group. Kony crane equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a leading crane equipment manufacturer and service provider in the Asia Pacific region. Kony's products mainly include industrial cranes, light lifting equipment, special cranes, nuclear power cranes, heavy forklifts, lifting equipment services, etc. its business covers general manufacturing, electric power, automotive automation, mining, steel, oil and natural gas, paper making, intermodal transportation, rail transportation, ports and other fields.

Lifting equipment with special safety monitoring and management system
This project is a customized operating system and software for Kony crane. The system collects the action and operation parameters of the lower machine in the cab, the lower machine of the trolley and the monitoring gantry crane, as well as the limit and operation command status of the weight and trolley travel. When each status indicator shows red light, it means that the corresponding mechanism of the gantry crane has acted, and green light means that the corresponding mechanism has not acted. The corresponding data of each weight stroke and speed will be displayed on the screen.
The equipment is mainly used for equipment hoisting and transportation of the plant, and is located outside the plant. According to the notice of the State Council on Further Strengthening the work safety of enterprises (GF [2010] No. 23) and the regulations on regular inspection of cranes, the crane of the unit needs to be reformed and the safety monitoring management system added to improve the safety and reliability of the crane and meet the requirements of regular annual inspection.

Height encoder and mechanical rotation limit
UPS, industrial computer, video display, recorder, etc. are installed in the electrical cabinet of the operation room. The relevant data of the trolley room is communicated with the industrial control computer in the driver's cab through 485 communication mode. The electric cabinet of the trolley room is communicated with the industrial control computer in the electric cabinet of the operating room through 485 communication, and communicates with the industrial control computer through communication module conversion, and displays the relevant real-time data on the display.
The mechanical rotation limit switch mechanically controls the upper and lower limits of the hook through the rotating mechanism. The rotation limit switch signal is sent to the circuit board of the lower machine to display the limit status of the hook through the program. The encoder signal is input to the control box of the lower machine of the trolley. The lower machine will communicate the collected data to the lower machine of the driver's cab. The lower machine will then communicate with the industrial control computer. The display displays the data and the lower machine of the driver's cab controls the output.
Diffuse reflection imported laser sensor is used for the trolley travel. The laser sensor is installed on the top of the trolley traveling mechanism. At the same time, a reflective film is installed at the end of the trolley traveling track to reflect the infrared signal emitted by the laser sensor and display the actual data to the display in the driver's room through communication. The industrial control computer in the driver's cab monitors the travel data of the trolley in real time, and gives an audible and visual alarm when the travel reaches the preset point, and outputs it to control the trolley to travel to avoid danger.
The lower computer in the trolley machine room collects the band brake switch signal, the upper and lower limit signals of the height, the trolley travel data, the height data and the weight data, and transmits the data to the industrial control computer in the cab for real-time monitoring through communication with the industrial control computer in the cab. The relevant data is displayed on the instrument. A ball machine in the lifting area communicates with the video recorder in the cab. The video recorder transmits the video signal to the monitoring display screen to watch whether there is dangerous operation in the lifting point area in real time. Four cameras are installed in the trolley room to check the hoisting drum brake and the situation in the trolley room.

This transformation project has received strong support from users. During the special period of the epidemic, user engineers and micro special after-sales engineers communicated with each other through remote video, and completed the installation of all hardware on the site. After the epidemic was alleviated, micro special after-sales engineers went to the site to complete debugging, training, data completion and other work. After the safety monitoring and management system is installed, the problem of the blind area of the crane and the difficulty of observation in the lifting point area of the main hook are well solved. After the transformation, the monitoring system helps the driver to more intuitively understand the operation of the whole vehicle equipment and make real-time response when operating the equipment. It provides a safety guarantee of data monitoring and video visualization for the safety and reliability of hoisting work.
Weite has always focused on the research in the field of safety management of lifting equipment. Adhering to the business philosophy of paying attention to the needs of users and providing users with valuable products and services, Weite has led the development of the lifting safety industry and is the preferred brand of safety monitoring solutions for large and important cranes.