CNOOC Fulu Liebherr crawler crane monitoring system project was successfully accepted

Time:2019-02-14 11:03 Read:8904 Source:Internet
Recently, Weite Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the installation and commissioning of the crawler crane safety monitoring system "customized" for many Liebherr crawler cranes belonging to CNOOC fluor Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. and successfully passed the acceptance of the special inspection unit.
CNOOC Fulu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Fulu and COOEC, a subsidiary of China National Offshore Oil Corporation. The target products of the joint venture are floating facilities, fixed platforms, underwater products, process modular products and other products within the business scope of the joint venture ("offshore products"). Due to the heavy lifting tasks, frequent lifting operations and complex lifting environment of several Liebherr crawler cranes on the site, an efficient and safe crawler crane safety monitoring system is required to "escort" the lifting work.
Many Liebherr crawler cranes are busy at the lifting work site of CFHI
The micro special crawler crane safety monitoring system can real-time monitor, dynamic display, sound and light alarm, data backup, power-off memory and password protection of the running sensors and other related parameters under various working conditions of the crawler crane. The instrument display interface is clear and simple, the operation interface is simple and convenient, and the instrument itself is designed with strong anti-interference and versatility.
Industrial computer display interface and PTZ video display interface equipped with micro special equipment
Supporting height sensor and supporting double inclination sensor
Project inspection report
The crawler crane safety monitoring system has been approved by the users on the site during the construction process, and has been officially put into use. The product quality and service are well received by customers!