Weite Henan heavy industry boom tower crane safety monitoring system successfully accepted

Time:2020-08-22 03:00 Read:8944 Source:Internet
Recently, the boom tower crane produced by a heavy industry technology Co., Ltd. in Henan Province is being installed and erected on the construction site. Due to the urgent delivery date of the customer, before the tower crane is completely erected, the micro special after-sales engineers came to the site early to install the safety monitoring system for the user and try their best to cooperate with the customer.
Erecting boom tower crane
▲ the vertical boom tower crane is being installed
The electrical system of the boom tower crane that is being erected has not been debugged, and the main boom of the tower crane has not been installed. Difficulties are coming one by one. If the safety monitoring system is installed and debugged after the tower crane is completely erected, it will inevitably delay the delivery time of the customer. The micro special after-sales service engineer immediately decided to install the main instrument and sensor parts that can be installed first, and then connect the electrical system of the equipment, It can be debugged immediately.
At night, the after-sales engineer is still helping the customer to catch up
▲ in the dark, the after-sales engineer is still helping the customer catch up
The user also encountered various difficulties in commissioning the tower crane equipment. He worked hard until midnight for several consecutive days, and the micro special after-sales service engineers did not dare to slack off. They paid attention to the situation of the tower crane on the site, so as to debug the safety monitoring system as soon as possible and ensure the accuracy of the data.
Boom tower trial hoisting commissioning
▲ boom tower trial lifting commissioning
▲ wtl-a200 torque limiter instrument (left) and wtsm monitoring system host (right) in the cab
▲ wtl-a200 torque limiter instrument (left) and wtsm monitoring system host (right) in the cab
Through the full cooperation with the users, the tower crane was erected smoothly, the safety monitoring system was installed and debugged smoothly, and the whole equipment was successfully accepted. The customers could not help praising the fast response speed of Weite. This time, we cooperated with them to complete the acceptance and deliver the goods on time, which was a great help!
Thank you for your trust and support. We will, as always, set high standards for ourselves and continue to provide users with better products and services!