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Weite helps "China wind power" in the "14th five year plan"

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The total installed capacity of wind power and solar power generation will reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts

Jld2250 / 180t boom tower crane
Against this background, from the wilderness to the deep sea, straight towers stand in clusters, and huge fans and impellers are endless. China's wind power continues to challengeFaster speed, higher altitude and greater energy... as an extremely important pillar industry for wind power development,Wind power hoisting fieldThere is no shortage of innovation and breakthroughs.
Wind power generation units are gradually developing towards large units and high wind towersLack of ultra-high lifting equipment, high lifting cost, difficult lifting and difficult maintenanceAnd so on. For this reason, weWind power industry boom tower crane has developed wtsm-a safety monitoring system
At present, this safety monitoring system is applied toJld2250 wind power tower crane of a heavy industry group in HenanYes.

Host instrument of cab safety monitoring management system
Jld2250 wind power tower craneThe maximum lifting height exceeds 198 meters, and the maximum lifting weight can reach 180 tons. It can fully cover the hoisting of low wind speed high tower wind turbine units below 6MW. It isSpecial equipment for wind power hoisting with the highest lifting height and heaviest lifting weight without attachmentThe product performance parameters are the best in the world.
The boom tower developed and produced by the heavy industry technology company is widely used in construction. It is independently developed by micro special technologyWtsm-a safety monitoring systemFor boom tower, withIt is easy to install, practical and convenient. The sensor has excellent anti-interference ability and good stabilityEtc., and at the same timeReal time display, critical alarm, overload power failure, data record DownloadEtc.

Micro special dxz height limiter
In addition, jld2250 wind power tower crane is equipped with wtsm-a safety monitoring system andMicro special dxz height limiterandWfm-1 azimuth sensor
Dxz height limiter is composed of high-precision reducer with large transmission ratio, mechanical memory control mechanism and sensor synchronized with its output shaft. Can be widely used inSpatial three coordinate control and limit of lifting and transmission machinery in construction, port, mining and other industries。 haveSmall size, multi-function, high precision, adjustable limit and strong versatilityandEasy maintenance, installation, use and adjustmentEtc.

Weite wfm-1 azimuth sensor
Wfm-1 azimuth sensorIt is composed of highly reliable and strong interference industrial grade single-chip microcomputer and highly reliable magnetic flux sensor and drive chip, with very high integration and can be realizedReliability, high accuracy, strong anti magnetic field interferenceWith SPI interface, it can output0°- 365° angle, and hasTrue north calibration and hard magnetic compensation function

Site installation and commissioning of micro special Engineer
The construction plan was postponed for many times due to the severe flood disaster in Henan. In order not to delay the delivery of the whole machine, the after-sales service engineers of micro special technology arrived at the site at the first time after the traffic was restored and put into the intense installation and commissioning. After three days of unremitting efforts, the safety monitoring system has been successfully installed and commissioned, which has been fully affirmed by the customers!
As the leader of crane safety technology, Weite has been committed to providing customers with more reliable safety management solutions, trying to reduce the crane safety accident rate to the lowest, and make the operation of lifting equipment safer and management easier.