The reconstruction project of bridge crane electrical control system in the powerhouse of Sanbanxi Hydropower Station was successfully completed

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Sanbanxi Hydropower Station is located in Jinping County at the lower reaches of Qingshui River at the upper reaches of the main stream of Yuanshui River in Guizhou Province. The total installed capacity of the station is 1 million kilowatts. Four 250000 kilowatt mixed flow water turbine generator units are installed, with an annual power generation capacity of 2428 million kilowatt hours. It is a national key project of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" for the transmission of electricity from the west to the east.

In this project, the electrical control system of several bridge cranes in the underground powerhouse of Sanbanxi Hydropower Station has been reconstructed. The bridge crane, which is responsible for lifting the rotor during the maintenance process, has operated for more than ten years. Due to aging of components and complex control logic, frequent failures occur during maintenance and hoisting, posing a great threat to maintenance duration and safety.

After preliminary site survey, design liaison and other work, the project was finally won by Weite. After receiving the task, the micro and special electrical engineers rushed to the site immediately. The commencement of the project was delayed for nearly a week due to various reasons.

Since the original control system is a rectifier feedback control system, the rectifier unit is large in volume and mass, which makes the replacement and handling impossible. After communication with the customer, the components in the original cabinet were removed and transferred to the installation room one by one* With the strong support of the customer and the meticulous construction of the company's personnel, No. 1 bridge crane has guaranteed the construction quality and construction period, and completed as planned.

▲Site construction legend of Weite engineer

▲Legend of combination of site construction photos