Zhangjiagang Lianfeng Iron and Steel Safety Monitoring Solution Successfully Completed

Time:2022-09-08 11:07 Read:5096 Source:Internet

Recently, in the hot weather, the micro and special technicians were not afraid of the heat. In the limited time, they completed the installation and commissioning of the safety monitoring system for the new No. 9 continuous caster of Zhangjiagang Lianfeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. with high quality. The system has been officially put into use after double acceptance by the special inspection institute and the customer.


WT-SMS-09 safety monitoring management system is an enhanced safety monitoring management system equipment designed and manufactured for metallurgical and casting cranes. It is a safety monitoring instrument specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of metallurgical and casting cranes, such as long overtime, frequent vibration, ultra-high temperature, high dust, etc. It can conduct comprehensive and reliable safety monitoring and management for cranes.

The system equipment not only meets the national standard GB/T28264-2012 Crane Safety Monitoring Management System, but also records and displays the crane operation in detail. The system also adds functions such as real-time monitoring, early warning and logic diagnosis of control faults for inverter current, motor and reducer temperature and vibration, which can quickly and automatically correct, backup and restore data. The debugging is simple and reliable, and the use is convenient and efficient, which greatly improves the safety management and production efficiency of users.

(Micro special technical engineer who is debugging the system)

In the process of on-site installation and commissioning, the micro and special technicians won the unanimous praise of users with high technology level and good service attitude, not taking the hot weather and great construction difficulty as an excuse, but against the harsh environmental factors such as high temperature, high pressure and high dust in the steel making plant.

(Plant environment and on-site installation process)

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