Successful acceptance of hydraulic grabbing beam bolt system of dam top gantry crane in Gaosha Hydropower Station

Time:2022-06-24 15:03 Read:8340 Source:Internet

Recently, Weite has carried out upgrading and transformation for the dam crest gantry crane grabbing beam bolt system of Huadian Gaosha hydropower station in Fujian Province.

Gaosha hydropower station is a medium-sized hydropower station started and put into operation during the "Eighth Five Year Plan" in Fujian Province. It is the first project completed in the cascade of Shaxi River Basin. The power generation period is about 3 years, the technical and economic indicators are relatively superior, the power station is close to the load center of the county, and the comprehensive benefits are relatively significant. It is of great significance to the development of the city and the acceleration of local economic development.

Gaosha Hydropower Station

The upgrading and reconstruction project adds the data of pin penetration and positioning sensors and the two-way monitoring of the underwater camera screen for the underwater grabbing beam, so that the staff can watch the status and position of the grabbing beam on the underwater pin penetration and retraction in real time on the display in the operation room.

Monitoring picture

It effectively solves the problem that underwater work is in a blind area for a long time. When operating the equipment, the staff can use real-time viewing to more intuitively understand the operation of the whole vehicle equipment and make corresponding work decisions quickly. It provides fast and efficient safety guarantee for the reliability of hoisting work and the operation of gantry crane and underwater grabbing beam.

Field installation

In the whole process of the project, based on the principle of customer first, Weite arranged experienced technical personnel to conduct research on the site at the first time, and formulated a high-quality and efficient design scheme for the customer according to the actual situation. After signing the contract, in order not to affect the maintenance and use of the customer, the technicians overcame all kinds of construction difficulties and difficulties, worked overtime to arrange production, and successfully completed the on-site installation and acceptance in less than one month.

Since then, micro special products have officially started to protect the safety of the dam crest gantry crane grabbing beam bolt system of Fujian Huadian Gaosha hydropower station.