Weite safety monitoring system helps southeast shipyard door machine

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Fujian southeast shipyardFormerly known as "Fujian fishing wheel repair and manufacturing factory", it was established in 1956One of the backbone enterprises of Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group CorporationIt has passed ISO9001:2008 certification and obtained UKAS quality management system certificate recognized by the British Royal mark.

Figure 01 Fujian southeast shipyard

The factory is located in Mawei natural deep-water port, which is well-known at home and abroad. It covers an area of more than 200000 square meters. It applies modern high-tech equipment such as electronic computers, numerical control cutting and plasma cutting to engage in design, production, operation and management. It has the ability to build various ships below 10000 tons. Its main products include various fishing boats, marine three-purpose tugboats, finished oil tankers and landing boats, most of which are exported to Japan, France, Greece, South Korea Singapore, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Figure 02 door base machine of this cooperation

Micro special andSoutheast shipyardAdded by this cooperationWtsm-a safety monitoring systemAccording to the requirements of the national standard, the door base machine is equipped withAngle sensor, anemometer, torque limiterThe monitoring system host and height and travel measurement sensors, and the boom top and four legs are equipped with a camera.

Figure 03 wtsm-a safety monitoring system

Since the seat machine of this door isFull swing door base machineThe support point and rotation point of the slewing mechanism are different from the conventional gantry crane, which makes it very difficult for the video signal and sensor signal of the crane to be transmitted to the cab.

Figure 04 micro torque limiter and anemometer

In order to ensure the stability of each signal transmission, after the investigation and testing of the field technicians, the system is finally usedBridge transmissionScheme.

Photo 05 network bridge at center slip ring

Since the lowest point of the slewing point of the gantry crane reaches the upper plane of the outrigger, if the bridge is installed on the outrigger plane, when the slewing mechanism rotates 180 degrees, the bridge of the slewing mechanism will be blocked by the steel structure of the slewing mechanism, resulting in signal interruption in the cab. After field experiments, it is finally decided toLaunching bridge of craneAndAcceptance bridge of cabInstalled onCenter slip ringThe problem of signal transmission was successfully solved. After the installation of the monitoring system, the test signals were all normal without jamming.

Photo 06 crane travel encoder

Data of each sensor after installation and commissioningAccuratesafety control AndAlarm functionNormally, it can accurately control the upper and lower limit amplitude of the boom, the rated weight of the boom with different amplitude, the limit position of the crane and the upper and lower limit positions of the height of the main hook from the ground, adding an extremely important protective barrier for the safe operation of the crane.

Photo 07 photo taken by Weite technicians on site

Weite has cooperated with Southeast shipyard for many times, and has installed many safety monitoring systems, torque limiters and overload limiters for its gantry crane, gantry crane, plant bridge crane and other sets of equipment. We are very satisfied with the use of Weite's products. After the installation of the gantry crane safety monitoring system, the manufacturer will cooperate with Weite for a long time!