Weite assists the third generation installation equipment for offshore wind power

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The crane is designed for:Jack up offshore wind powerMain crane specially designed and manufactured for installation operation platform, withLight weight, large lifting capacity and high lifting heightand360 ° full rotation operationCharacteristics of.

Special installation equipment for offshore wind power "800t" offshore crane

The self weight of the equipment is 840t, the boom is 76m long, the maximum safe working load of the fixed-point crane is 800t, and the maximum safe working load of the full swing crane is 650T. The equipment boom is equipped with an 800t main hook and a 120t auxiliary hook. The maximum lifting height of the main hook is 105m above the deck surface, and the maximum lifting height of the auxiliary hook is 113m above the deck surface, which can meet the requirements ofInstallation requirements of wind power tower, fan blade and motor

800t offshore crane for this cooperation

The 800t offshore crane and its jack up offshore wind power installation platform can meet the installation work of all wind turbines in the existing offshore wind farms under construction. With the completion and grid connected operation of wind farms in various parts of China, the operation and maintenance market of wind power equipment in the later stage is broad, and the equipment can also be used for the operation and maintenance of completed offshore wind farms.

Offshore crane under counterweight test

The wtl-a700 torque limiter provided by Weite for the 800t offshore crane is a classic product of Weite. Its function isSafe and reliable, simple operation and convenient maintenanceHas been recognized by many customers at home and abroad.

Weite wtl-a700 torque limiter

Weite wtl-a700 torque limiter has:Real time monitoring, dynamic display, audible and visual alarm, data backup, power-off memory and password protectionAnd the instrument itself is designed withStrong anti-interference, friendly operation interface and strong versatilityEtc. Is based onGB 12602-2009 overload protection device for lifting appliances, GB 6067.1-2010 safety code for lifting appliances and GB / t3811-2008 code for design of cranesA new generation of high-performance crane safety monitoring device designed and produced according to relevant requirements, and a multi-functional, high-performance, intelligent human-machine interaction high-end crane safety monitoring device are mainly used for lifting equipment with complex monitoring signals on offshore platforms.

Signal acquisition box
In addition, Weite is also equipped with an angle meter composed of a potentiometer and a pendulum, which can be installed on the boom of the crane. The angle of the boom to the ground is measured by the rotation of the potentiometer driven by the weight, and the corresponding voltage value is output,High measurement accuracy, measurement range up to - 10 degrees to + 110 degrees
Weite technology is committed to the field of lifting safety protection. It is one of the earliest units in China to develop torque limiters for offshore platforms. Weite R & D center has its own "Yichang sensor IOT laboratory", and the R & D team has strong strength! Weite brand --- your trustworthy choice!