Non standard customized torque limiter
Non standard customized torque limiter
Non standard customized torque limiter
Difference between non-standard customized products and standard products standard products: standard products are products required for some conventional lifting equipment, which can safely meet the needs of customers
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The non-standard customized torque limiter is customized for some special cranes, including those with large lifting tonnage (above 500t), special site environment (offshore or deep well), large number of signals (wind speed, torque, horizontal, vertical, video, etc.), and complex control requirements.

When the user fails to find a suitable torque limiter solution during the selection process, he can choose to communicate with our company to select a non-standard customized torque limiter. Custom torque limiter can select the applicable torque limiter instrument according to the actual demand, commonly usedWTL-A700orWTL-A200As a display instrument, the torque limiter instrument can also be selected by the user.

Strong R & D team

Gao Yumin model worker studio team implemented300Multiple innovation projectsIncluding provincial key projects3City level key projects4Pieces. The cumulative number of patents reached230term,And obtain:1The third prize for scientific and technological progress of Hubei Province,3This is a major scientific and technological achievement in Hubei Province.

Rich field experience

Since its establishment 20 years ago, Weite has been focusing on the field of lifting safety. In the process of providing solutions for important large cranes at home and abroad, Weite has accumulated a lot of rich on-site experience and can provide customized solutions for various types of cranes.

Reliable service team

The company's senior technical engineer will design a feasible scheme for the crane independently, which will be initiated and developed by the R & D department. The senior Installation Engineer will conduct on-site safety commissioning and product use training.

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Engineering case

Non standard customized torque limiter is applicable to special and general lifting equipment.