Micro Tech participated in the 2023 Singapore Asia Maritime Exhibition

Time:2023-05-05 09:44 Read:1240 Source:Internet

From April 25th to 27th, the 9th Singapore International Maritime Exhibition (Sea Aisa 2023) was grandly held in Singapore, and the latest research and development achievements such as the micro portable steel wire rope online monitoring system were presented at this exhibition. The exhibition is held every two years, providing a platform for extensive communication and cooperation among maritime equipment manufacturing suppliers, service providers, purchasers, and visitors from around the world. Over 12000 visitors from over 70 countries participated in the exhibition.

As a leader in the field of lifting equipment safety management, Microtech adheres to providing valuable products and services to users and deeply cultivates the field of lifting equipment safety management. With the goal of becoming a leader in the field of lifting equipment safety management, in multiple scenarios such as ship ports, oil and steel, and construction leasing. Based on the highly intelligent port equipment, it provides a reliable security management solution.

At the exhibition, Weite Technology Co., Ltd. showcased its self-developed digital lifting equipment safety management platform, which integrates artificial intelligence, big data analysis, cloud computing and other technologies, achieving functions such as automatic information collection, intelligent decision-making, and service optimization. In addition, Microtech also showcases products such as torque limiters for ocean cranes, video monitoring systems for ocean cranes, weighing systems for marine anchor machines, and online detection of steel wire ropes.

At this exhibition, Weite Technology Co., Ltd. communicated with shipping related enterprises and professionals from around the world. They stated that despite the challenging global market conditions faced by the shipping and offshore industries, Asia's long-term prospects are positive as it remains one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. The membership of the Asian Shipowners Association controls about 50% of the global merchant fleet. In 2021, the top 10 container ports with global throughput were in Asia. By 2022, China, Japan, and South Korea accounted for over 95% of the global shipbuilding market share.

With the continuous advancement of digitization, the changes brought about by information technology are becoming more profound, especially in the field of maritime logistics that we are concerned about. It is even more necessary to apply advanced digital technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize services. "said Shi Changping, General Manager of Micro Special Technology Marine Industry Division: We hope to deeply explore the application of technological innovation with industry partners at this exhibition, and achieve common development. We will seize the new opportunities nurtured in the global industrial structure optimization and adjustment process in the era of digital economy and dual carbon economy, forge new industrial competitive advantages, adhere to technological innovation and high-quality development without wavering, adhere to market orientation and leading the creation of new demand, and firmly grasp market and era opportunities.

Taking advantage of this Singapore Maritime Festival, Microtech participated in the Sea Asia 2023 International Maritime Exhibition with great success, hoping to explore overseas markets. The three-day exhibition allowed Microtech to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Singapore and Asian markets. It not only had face-to-face communication with customers who had established cooperation at the booth, but also received enthusiastic attention from shipowners and service providers from many countries such as Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, and met many potential customers.